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  1. Some grumpy old bloke on a push bike in Rugby this morning. Walking up to our Sainsburys local which is on a busy main road out of town, heard a lot of cursing behind us. Looked around to see old bloke on bike with a bus and queue of cars behind him. He was cussing really loud " I suppose you are going to f##in follow me all the f##in way up here too" as he pedalled by. The road is fairly narrow and busy and I suspect the bus had been following him for a while and unable to get by, but following at a respectable distance. If it was a problem for him he should have just pulled on to t
  2. My lot in age order; 1970 SS125; 755mm 1975 GT380; 815mm 1993 RGV 250; 695mm 2001 R1; 695mm 2003 Silverwing; 770mm Surprised the R1 and RGV are the same, the 250 is tiny in comparison but I guess the bar's need to be a minimum width to maintain control and a reasonable level of comfort.
  3. I can't see the point of any of it, its just an expensive gadget that I can live without. Spend a ton of money so you can switch a light on while you are out, no thanks, rather spend that on one of the bikes.
  4. With you there. I've got an R1 which I ride to work on sunny days and the silverwing scooter for wet weather. My commute is mostly open road with a bit of town traffic either end but when filtering through this id much rather be on the scooter, twist and go is so easy, no fear of stalling or anything. The R1 clutch is fairly light but still gets to my wrist after a while. The SW is quite a large bike and I were commuting in a city I'd go something smaller maybe a 400cc Burgervan to help when filtering but with enough zip to keep up with traffic. Don't know how these bikes f
  5. My Mrs has a BMW 120d 2005, which are estate like but not too big. £150 tax and cheap to insure, 40mpg around town and 50+ on a run. 166hp so goes well. Had ours for nearly 3 years and done little but routine servicing. Pre 2006 have the bomb proof M47 engine, later have the cam chain eating N47 engine. Should be some within £1500 budget
  6. My Mrs drove that route in her 206 GTI on our return home from Wales, looking on a map it was a straight line from New Quay to the Midlands. She still refers to it as driving "the rally stage "
  7. We have a joint account but only my salary goes in, OH is self employed, has her own business account but earns not a lot but pays herself from it. She has total freedom to use money from the joint account but I've got complete faith in her not to abuse it. She knows I watch the bank balance and would question any unexpected outgoings.
  8. Does the bike run normally when warmed up? I have 4 bikes with manual choke and they all take some fine adjusting depending on engine and ambient temps. On the R1, if its winter time cold I have to give it full choke and let it pick up by itself to about 2000rpm for 20 secs then it will start to race over 3000 and i back off the choke to maintain 2000. Once I've set off I'll shut off the choke after 1/4 mile and not need it again. If its summer with a cold start, it will only need 1/2 choke. The RGV needs full choke, summer or winter but have to shut it after 20 secs or it
  9. Put as much into my pension as possible with a view to semi retire in 12-18 months. Go on a touring holiday to Scotland in the car and make it up to JOG for the summer solstice. Carrying on running, get up to 10km. Youngest daughter has now joined me so encourage her to stick at it.
  10. I'd be inclined to tell them the whole story, no point in them covering the same ground and charging you for a 2nd time for something that doesn't work.
  11. Use these at work for shifting oil or fuel https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/205-litre-rotary-transfer-pump/
  12. Happy Xmas everyone, late getting up and opening pressies. Off to the youngest daughters in a while for her first attempt at Xmas dinner.
  13. More common than you would imagine. I remembered there was some incident with Mansell. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/10-last-lap-fails-from-the-world-of-motorsport/
  14. Thanks, I read a while back about taking short strides and leaning forward, didn't realise that it was called pose running. Will focus more on the technique when I go out tomorrow. Are the mudclaws suitable for trail running only, one of my routes is a mix of tarmac and off-road?
  15. Thanks, I was looking at some other shoes for more trail running, I bought some Asics road running shoes which I thought "would do" for what I wanted but found their limitations while running across wet grass.
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