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  1. Happy birthday to @Trace and to my Mrs aswell.
  2. You are welcome, had a few meals there. They have a few tables next to the canal, would expect it busy at the weekend's so choose your time. This is also next to the canal in Braunston. https://www.admiralnelsonbraunston.co.uk/
  3. That would be the New Inn at Long Buckby wharf.
  4. Watched a 2006 episode of Grand Designs last night and the couple spent £1000 on a kitchen tap.
  5. Q5 should include; Carry on riding your existing ic bike until they stop making petrol.
  6. Same here, the whole reason I bought the silverwing. I've done 3000 miles on it since the MOT last September , compare that to probably a couple of hundred on the R1in that time which I also haven't ridden since November .
  7. Rode home in the snow which is a first for me.
  8. Snowing here, typical bank holiday weather...
  9. Indeed, I think I'd crack under pressure ....from a six year old.
  10. It would be like the Spanish inquisition. Why, where, how, who, let me look?
  11. The eldest grandson wouldn't forgive me as he knows he is going to inherit it . You never know it could be worth £20k one day, RG500s are up to £15k now.
  12. On my RGV once at Jack's hill cafe, bloke came up to me and he was all over it saying how much he liked it, etc etc, he then said these are worth £30 to 40k. Hmmm, don't think so.....
  13. Putting all the bike gear on. My winter commuter clothing is; Trousers, 3 zips,1 press stud, 4 Velcro bits Boots, 2 zips, 2 Velcro Jacket, 2 zips, 1 press stud, 2 velcro, Helmet, 1 strap Gloves, 4 Velcro
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