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  1. I'm pretty sure that it is.
  2. Over the last week or so my Bandit 1250 has become reluctant to start from cold. The symptoms are: The starter spins for longer than usual. When it does start it makes a “Chugging” sound, as if it's running on three cylinders, which goes away after a few seconds and then it runs normally. During start up the clocks reset to kph. The 1250 is notorious for starter motor problems, and these symptoms are otherwise identical to a dead starter. However, I've fitted a brand new starter and it's still doing it (and I've stripped the old s
  3. I've found that flux, and plenty of it is the key to successful soldering.
  4. 72mph top speed, roughly equivalent to a 125cc but nigh on £13,000. So for the same money you could buy a 125 and about 150,000 miles worth of fuel (except that most of us would never use that much fuel in the bike's lifetime so the electric bike would never actually pay for itself). They will get there but probably not until the mainstream manufacturers get all over it.
  5. Nicely done, I've had a few of those over the years.
  6. I fell off on my first day of moped ownership, nearly 35 years ago. Then I rode for 30 odd years without incident until a couple of years ago when a drunk pedestrian ran into me from the side.
  7. I'd go with that. On my way to work there's a patch of road surface with an odd texture which always seems to make the bike wobble. It never does it anywhere else.
  8. I changed the spark plugs and air filter yesterday, went for a long ride along the south coast today and then changed the oil & filter on my return. That's the bike serviced for winter.
  9. It's probably a combination of bike model and inexperience. I live in London and pay £135 fully comp on my Bandit 1250 and that includes commuting. However, I am 49 and have been riding for over 30 years. Oh, and BTW, don't go anywhere near RCIB - they are out & out scammers. See here: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/rightchoice.com
  10. I had similar issues with an MT07. An O2 eliminator sorted it. Could be well worth a try for twenty quid.
  11. I bought an MT07 brand new and that was rusting merrily after the first winter. None of the Yamahas I've looked at since appear to have been any better finished. My current steed is a Bandit 1250, also bought new. That's been through three winters now and seems to have fared better with just a few crusty fasteners which I'm gradually replacing with stainless ones. Not too bad for a budget bike.
  12. I'm in the "Buy something cheaper" camp. Get an older 600 and get some NCB. Let's be honest here: It's your first big bike and you're likely to end up dropping it. If it's an expensive bike, you'll end up claiming on the insurance and that'll push your premiums up to stratospheric levels. Buy something older and cheaper and repair it with used parts if (when) you drop it. Something like a Bandit 600 would be a good first big bike with plentiful and cheap spares.
  13. These days I just brush chainsaw oil onto the chain. Best lube I've come across.
  14. 1) Never buy through the comparison site: Your details don't always transfer properly onto the actual insurers website (and you don't want to find that the details are wrong after you've paid). 2) It's often cheaper to go direct to the insurer anyway. For example, this year I ran my details through the “Bike Insurer” comparison site, and the best quote was £165.00 with Express Insurance. Seemed reasonable. I then went direct to Express's own web site and the quote dropped to £135.00! Far better than my existing insurer who came back with a renewal of £280.00 which takes the pee con
  15. I owned an MT07 for three years and it's a perfectly good bike for the OP's purpose. Review here: http://deejayp999.atwebpages.com/yamahamt07.html And for the record I'm 6'1" and 14 stone.
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