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  1. I might respray, its a 96 purple and orangy colouration i like it, its bold but your right a full black respray with some nice artwork. Do me a favour if the missus asks, im doing it up for someone on here lol shhhh she thinks im starting a harem or something....
  2. The decal was a nazi biker chick waving the flag, most of it was removed but started to pull off paint with the decal so its been left on there to prevent further damage to the fairings but just brought a touch up kit. When the bike is delivered its the first thing thats going. The member I am taking it from loves bragging rights more than ANYTHING and will do anything to stay on top, apparently selling to buy a zx12r because got beaten by another family member on a FZS600 (modded like a pro). Coming from someone that claims for a year straight his rs125 would beat my bros 400 flat out - w
  3. Gearing mods is one thing I do not know much about, never ventured into it personally before now. Maybe on the track was before the mod and to be honest your explanation could explain the broken forearm. My zx6 was previously modded by the last owner for speed on a track it was his track/ road legal bike dont ask me how I honestly dont know, all i do know is i can get 0-60 just like that without leaving 1st. ok question is this possible since you have more exp with zx9:- to ride up a hill at steep climb at 95mph in 1st one handed over a distance of <100ft?
  4. And yet my zx6 is still faster in acceleration, beat this bike on a track last year. So you think I should keep the mods? since it needs work I may just ferry it to get tuned in my local trusted mechanic. For a family discount will cost me more in the end than anything else.
  5. It sounds like they came off a gsx 1000 not sure on what they are though. I think I will change it all back to stock, sprockets wise. Got caught on a speed trap warning doing 41 mph and the dash read 28, less fuss to change it to stock. Also seems to be losing power on the top end in favour of a little lower end kick. Needs more work than i thought, certainly needs balancing it feels like it wobbles side to side.
  6. Hear you on that brother!, middle of the wilderness at night and that marriage lasted..counting....5 months lol
  7. Sorry if posted wrong part of the forum. short story- getting a zx9 on cheap from family member, pre purchase help 1) The sprockets have been changed from stock I think just the front end sprocket. I have never done this mod but in theory does it not change the accuracy of the speedometer? dont believe the actual work has been done as more to show off than figuring it all out properly. 2) brakes been replaced from a gixxer , that a good thing? or something a stupid person would do. 3) how do you safely and delicately remove a damn swastika from the tail? no way im riding around on a
  8. trust me, getting it out to the road is a bit*h with a 90 degree turn with 1" either side of the bars to aim for. The better question is how my housing officer threatened eviction getting my cbr into a 2nd floor flat?? too big to fit in the lift so planked the stairs lol.
  9. Seems to me that oxford tilt products could do with an upgrade! more than likely jump on it and nothing but light patter rain and it wakes the neighbours.
  10. Is it just mine thats lame or is it the entire lot? Batteries die rather fast for using 6 button batteries, it goes off in the rain but I forgot to take it off my gixxer before working on it, managed to take both seats off and remove the battery before it even beeped.
  11. Got confused there for a moment a 200 Gn never heard of one before then i thought wait are these crunchie bikes. Have to admit they look the part and close to their counterparts. My gn250 and the copy http://hodamoto.en.made-in-china.com/product/SXGxsqDvYEpn/China-Suzuki-Gn200cc-Motorbike-Motorcycles-HD200-5B-.html
  12. Why is that the go to? you cant tell me you have never had a wtf moment with your woman / boyfriend in maws case? something not quite as you expect it to turn out like. I was getting a new bike one way or another anyway lol. I park my ninja in the front room sometimes when she is not here mainly because its my man cave (2 living rooms).
  13. Now how on earth did this work! I got put into the dog house for putting my ninja in the front room with how dare you ....... show respect..... think I will still marry you?... The response from me was " aw darling i love you so much and you are so rare that I would throw a million poke balls to catch you ❤ " random attempt at sucking up You know your looking for a new bike? (i expected flame wars and belittle) Go put a deposit on one you want and I will get it for you as a early birthday gift What just happened!
  14. What do you think hoggs? will it fit in with your route? its a good ride can jet down most of it and there is a spot around where the hardcore can test their metal. But budgie smugglers lol I like you six we will get along fine.
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