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  1. Especially in this house. Any assumption something has been done properly is misguided. I'll be very cautious. If it comes to it, I'm more than happy to get someone in to check through it all and I'll crack on with one of the other jobs that need doing.
  2. Why stand up when you can sit down. Why sit down when you can lie down
  3. Yeah that's my thoughts. The cut end has just been outside in a tube where it would get wet etc. I'll isolate and open the box up and take a gander.
  4. I'll do little bits, light fittings, sockets and the like. Not overly keen on it. Knowledge low, risk factors high.
  5. Added to the list of things to correct that the previous owners bodged.
  6. Could be. There is a well but it has been filled in. Maybe it ran to a pump in the well at some point but would that not come off the consumer unit rather than what I assume is a fused junction box? If not then is the cable live?
  7. There's power running from the house across the garden to the garage (garage is completely separate) via a grey box underneath a consumer unit. From the right hand side of the grey box is a cable which is not connected to anything at the other end. It was running from the box through a hole in the wall under a concrete path in the garden into a plastic tube. I've pulled it through into the garage for the time being, but could anyone tell me if it is meant to be there or what it might be for?
  8. goat

    Carb repair kits

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274532053499 This is the cheapi version. Can't help thinking they are probably the same but will probo go for a middling priced version in the belief it might be better somehow.
  9. goat

    Carb repair kits

    Going to pull the carbs on the sv. Looking at repair kits on the eBay so I'm prepped. They vary a lot in price, much difference between £13 for a two pack and £55 set?
  10. If you can get past it he's a very good rider and a passes on a lot of good info that Brett. I think the soft panniers are sometimes preferred by peeps riding a lot off-road where they are deemed a bit safer in some situations.
  11. Ducking and diving, f**king and skiving. The usual. How's things here, pretty exciting I'm guessing.
  12. Diesel issue shouldn't affect as all country roads. Heating oil sorted, I'll update the other thread.
  13. My brother mentioned these. Have had a wee look on auto trader etc. And not much out there in budget but will add to list. More options I have the better.
  14. Not loads but Boots, couple of rucksacks, laptop, printer, ppe, couple of storage tubs, water, various odds and sods, possibly a ladder at some point. Want it all in the boot not left on seats rattling about and easy to root through to get what I need. Would also like something that is useful at weekends for a bit of load lugging since our current car has zero practicality.
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