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  1. Diesel issue shouldn't affect as all country roads. Heating oil sorted, I'll update the other thread.
  2. My brother mentioned these. Have had a wee look on auto trader etc. And not much out there in budget but will add to list. More options I have the better.
  3. Not loads but Boots, couple of rucksacks, laptop, printer, ppe, couple of storage tubs, water, various odds and sods, possibly a ladder at some point. Want it all in the boot not left on seats rattling about and easy to root through to get what I need. Would also like something that is useful at weekends for a bit of load lugging since our current car has zero practicality.
  4. Yeah that would be too small realistically.
  5. Will take another look as long as I don't have to take children around in it
  6. Thought about that but think it may get be a bit tight on space with the crap I have to carry around.
  7. Deal! I'll post the money to you in installments, I'll just dig out my collection of half p coins.
  8. Bit far to travel on pubic covid transport old bean.
  9. Hmmm, organise to see car, murder six with his golf clubs, free car and room for three more bodies . That's got me thinking.
  10. Ha ha given half the chance that would be my preference.
  11. Yeah been checking that. Already pay that on our other car.
  12. Would probably take a look at this if it wasn't so far https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324441893066
  13. Was thinking along the lines of vag 1.9tdi which seem capable of very high mileages. Definitely thinking of ugly and unpopular. Ideal is something owned by an old bloke with poor eyesight that's been meticulously well serviced but suffered a few scrapes along the way.
  14. I know I've been down this road before but here I am again. Need a cheap and reliable car for work. Job sees me doing 3-500 miles a week often on crap roads and farm tracks. Need space to carry some kit. Surprisingly our lowered mx5 is proving to be terrible for the task at hand, who knew. Budget £1500 but ideally much less. Yes I know it's not much. Emphasis is on reliability and practicality not beauty. An estate would be great but not holding out my hopes. Diesel fine. Mileage is paid but economical and cheap to run a benefit. I'm in Norfolk nr16 so somewhere not too far would be good too
  15. We all have a choice about being a ****. I long ago decided I was happy being one and it seems you have too. Well done. Let's meet one day. The inaugural meeting of the ***** club.
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