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  1. Thanks for the replies. Currently like the look of the shipping containers, especially as some are flat pack. This could be hidden behind the fence at the side of house relatively well.
  2. Hi all So we're purchasing our first home and moving out of rented. The new house unfortunately doesn't have a garage, but has space at the side and large rear garden to build one in the future. Funds are obviously limited as the whole house buying thing is so expensive. However bike security is a priority and I need to find a solution before we get the keys. Does anyone personally have/recommend a shed or similar that will last a couple of years until we can get a permanent structure in place? It either needs to be large enough for bike plus lawn mower and other bits or I dont
  3. Decent set of waterproof pants, jacket, boots and gloves. If you're getting piss wet through, chances are you'll be distracted from whats going on infront of you. Pinlock visor if you have/can get one for your lid will make all the difference aswell.
  4. Finishing work at silly times doesn't have much to do with having a 125cc or a 1000cc bike to be fair. Check out the MT125 and similar if you dont want to go down the full lisence route. They're a full size bike, so will suit your hight/weight better.
  5. No point torturing yourself on a 125, get the DAS done.
  6. This isn't true. There are cases where if the lower speed limit is a side road to a main road, then only 1 speed limit sign is needed on the left hand side of the side road. I also wouldn't ignore speed limit changes while on a MOD 2 test if a sign was missing. There is a classic example of this on a St Helens test route near Millennium Motorcycles, where on the main road the speed limit changes from 30 to 20mph and the left hand sign has been removed. People get failed on that particular part of road very often for not obeying the change of speed.
  7. You're riding can't be perfectly fine if you failed once for pulling out on a car, which your lucky you didnt have the test abandoned and made to wait on the side of the road and then fail on a serious fault for speeding. And the examiner is correct, you shouldn't use him to judge the speed limit, he would have been matching your speed so he could record it. You failed both tests on poor observations. Examiners dont have vendettas, get another test and lesson booked beforehand.
  8. Agreed, mine goes over the disk rather than through the vent holes.
  9. I have a good disklock and use the steering lock on the bike when in the garage and out and about. If theives want your bike, they'll get it. I only use the disck lock so it's not easily rolled away by oppertunists. If they really want your bike and it's armed to the teeth, they're probably going to smash your door in and/or put a knife to your face until you handover the keys. A bikes replaceable, your life (or your familys) is not, and should the above happen i know which would be the more traumatic experience should you escape unarmed. As for trackers, I personally wouldnt want
  10. Congratulations on passing the MOD 1, the hardest part is over imo. Are you taking your MOD 2 at St Helens? If you are, be careful of the 20 mph zone if you get taken left out of the test centre then left again on your next 2 side roads after it. It catches people out as it's normal to be nervous for the first couple minutes and miss the signs. The general test routes are good in that area, just need to keep your eyes peeled on speed limits, they seem to focus on 2 areas where the limit changes every few hundred yards.
  11. Talk to your optician about monthly continuous wear contacts. I dont get on with contacts, for the love of me i just cant get the things in without my eyes forcing shut. However a friend has the continous wear ones which he now wouldnt be without. Stick them in and forget about them for a month before changing them, no taking out every night and putting in solution etc... He's had no issues after around 18 months of using them.
  12. Thanks chaps A 2018 Honda CB650F in White Already have a few bits for the bike to add to it when it arrives. Itching to get a few miles under my belt before winter arrives, it'll be a fair weather bike only!
  13. Passed my MOD 2 first time on Friday at St Helens test centre. Examiner was Paul and he was pleasant enough, not overly friendly but very calm and reassuring. On the ride to the test centre before the test was the best I'd ever rode. When under pressure I seem to perform alot better and relax, the opposite of most people it seems. Took a test route that we hadn't been on with the instructor, partly due to me only doing 2 MOD 2 lessons prior to the test itself. However my old man had done his DAS a couple of months before and told me his test route, and it ended up being the exact same
  14. Do your CBT and see what you think, you may decide biking isn't for you. I personally wouldn't put myself through the pain of having a 125, if your able to go straight to a big bike through DAS.
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