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  1. Tried ringing them, they're not accepting phone calls or emails unless you're an essential worker ...but they will probably accept my road tax money when it's due
  2. Tried to renew online yesterday as I normally do, every 3 years,they've moved the goal posts and because I haven't got a passport it wouldn't let me complete it...I'm 76 in July...because of the coronavirus they don't want you to send in paper applications...and are not sending out reminders...I've sent in a renewal form with my licence (and photograph everything first)..there's no alternative....any more oldies on here that might have the same problem..?..
  3. Rev matching helps to smooth out your downshifts...once masterd it'll become second nature..
  4. Bob

    Yamaha r1

    Obviously the 98 is the top one,dunno what happened there.
  5. Bob

    Yamaha r1

    A couple of R1's I've owned . . This is the 05 I had. One of the 98's I owned.
  6. Bob

    Yamaha r1

    Performance bike magazine tested the 09 R1 crossplane against the 07,on the dyno the 07 made more horsepower and more midrange, was also faster on the road,..also the 09 weighed more..I road tested the 09 when it came out and preferred my 05,.I think the 05-07 is prettier too...I would road test a few models and see which you prefer, they're all good...
  7. Bob

    Yamaha r1

    It's got plenty...I've owned 4 '98 models ..2 '03 models and an 04 and 05 ...from 30mph in top gear just roll it on,they pull from anywhere, the early 98 bike will become collectable very soon,and is still a weapon,..you wont be dissapointed
  8. I use a drift...plenty of models to choose from
  9. So it's the harvester Bracknell Sunday morning...we can decide where to go on the day...what time?..
  10. Harvester in Bracknell sounds ok...never been there ,but I'd find it..Just as an afterthought, Thunder storms are forecast for Sunday afternoon,but Saturday's weather's better....but if Sunday's going to be the day,I'm up for it..
  11. I'm relatively new to this area,so maybe someone can suggest a meeting place, I'm easy wherever
  12. Bob


    Great bike...especially in Repsol colours.
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