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  1. NOTD is ... nobody! It's been that way for a fair few rides so far this year ... probably because when I get a sense that a driver will presently be entering 'nob mode', I make sure they quickly become a dot in my mirrors ... aaaaand back to enjoying the nice ride.
  2. You have to be careful on the Isle of Wight. It's marked on maps as 'here there be dragons'. There's folk what's gone there and neyver come back. That's bandit county, oi tell ee!
  3. I'm surprised they aren't paying you to take them off their hands!
  4. XmisterIS

    New VED

    I notice the OP's link refers to 'vehicles' being taxed at a flat rate. Does that mean a 50cc moped will be liable for the same tax as a Luton van, for example?
  5. I've just had a thought: if you know your when your Mother's due date was, you can pretty much work out exactly when your parents did the filthy whoopee. Then the whole family can celebrate that date every year!
  6. I think that you just have to live with the fact that, in all social situations, sooner or later you're going to find yourself saddled with a crazy person ...
  7. To be honest, he seems a little deranged. I think he needs a psychiatric assessment, seriously.
  8. I must be don't it wrong! I've knackered two bosch drills!
  9. They seem very convenient, but this is the second one to have seized up on me in as many years. Even a pair of mole grips and a big ol' wrench can't undo it! Off to Screwfix to buy an old-fashioned chuck. They're damn near bullet proof. Verdict: Keyless chucks are very convenient - until they jam!
  10. It seems to me that regardless of how they come by it, some people hang onto money and make it work for them, thereby enjoying it more in the long term, whereas it runs though some people's fingers like water and they're back to broke in no time. I'm thinking of people who got very famous and rich very quickly, before returning to relative obscurity. Some are still rich, some are stony broke.
  11. One of my friends (ish ... more like acquaintance) is having his house repossessed due to mortgage default, and he is probably going to declare himself bankrupt to escape huge debts. I feel deeply sorry for his kids, but not for him or his wife. Why? Well, a few years ago (not many) his aged, childless, spinster aunt died in a nursing home and in her will she left everything to her sister's children. He is an only child, so he got the lot. The lot turned out to be a lot! £200,000, to be precise. I know because he bragged endlessly about it to anyone who would listen. Now, I've seen thei
  12. last time I used it, I recall the package said to spread it around as evenly as possible, then just go away and wait for it to self-level. It did actually self-level, even though I didn't believe it would!
  13. XmisterIS

    bike mags

    I haven't bought a magazine or newspaper for years, I just read things on the internet. I wonder how long printed media will last.
  14. I've just bought Christmas presents for the entire extended family in one hour flat, while casually lying in bed. And tomorrow the Great Unwashed will pile into Southampton city centre to get angry with each other on the roads, drive round the car park 6 times trying to find a space, drag themselves through over-crowded shops without really knowing what they want to buy and finally have to go home with only half their intended purchases because after five hours of feeling like a human sardine, little Johnny will have had a meltdown and shat himself in the queue in Argos. I love online sh
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