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  1. watch some videos on YouTube, get some confidence. find some scrap to practise on and go for it . if it plastic then use plastic primer, go for it. if it goes wrong sand it down start again
  2. me too I use rs paints really good , give you loads of advice .
  3. love it, theres a lot of satisfaction doing it yourself too , well done stu
  4. am no professional am just one of them guys who's not scared to make a mistake as it's the only way to learn. do your research , there a enough on interweb, I don't mind practising on my own machine, as I am my own worst critic. am totally sure as long as you do the right prep and you get the right colour you will be fine as it not a big piece.
  5. ok that's how it's going to be the first one. many thanks for your opinions and photo shop skills. I will present the real ones end of next week
  6. many thanks what's the opinion doing that piece too
  7. oh my god , thank you so much rantmachine that looks unbelievably so much better can you do the bottom shield that runs to the exhaust, see eat that looks like
  8. oh my god , thank you so much rantmachine that looks unbelievably so much better
  9. that's looks super nice, but sadly well above my skill grade
  10. cheers rant , I was thinking the same , get the paint ordered
  11. well I had to paint the full side panel you can see. it's works out to be 2 coats of candy to get the same colour. so not too hard
  12. cheers guys ye really don't realise how much help you have give me .
  13. let's all wish beefy an the missus best of luck am a fond farewell as the baby will now take over the baby for quite some time, you can't ride without sleep beefy
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