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    Rugby league , motorcycles, computers, family not in that order.
  1. sorry, Ricky only just seen this, thanks for the offer. anyway
  2. any rides this bank holiday monday.
  3. hi topper, not been on here for ages, seems nobody rides anymore, been going out a lot to wales.had about 4 different bikes since last year, back on a Hayabusa now.
  4. just occasional weekends for me cheers
  5. anyone around from the Warrington area.
  6. ok enjoy think i will go to wales
  7. anyone out bank holiday Monday 6th may 2018.
  8. let me know when you are planning another cheers
  9. anyone in the northwest got any rides planned, this month
  10. Merry Christmas one and all, have a great one and a fantastic new year.
  11. not sure if its fake news but interesting. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5185047/Bitcoin-investors-prepare-lose-all.html
  12. Sorry for late reply, no it wasn't me although I have been to Crossgates on the GSX 1400. I much prefer the blackbird, smoother, comfy and power on tap also handles better. in fact, i is better than my Busa i sold.wish I had got one years ago. if I keep it and that's a big if I get bored very quickly, I'm looking at something like this.
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