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  1. Seems fine now! Haven't really got to run it properly yet but idles stable and doesn't feel like it wants to cut out
  2. Popped it into the garage today - faulty sparks! A not too pleasant but not unreasonable bill for a couple hours trying to diagnose it and I have a running properly bike again thank heavens
  3. I actually don't think I am I've been a miserable shite about my birthday cause things like to go wrong for me
  4. Oh awesome! I'm busy this weekend as it's my birthday anywhoo and normally work weekends but living in Bournemouth half the week and dorchester the rest so very back and forth haha! I'll give you a shout if there's a spare 5 minutes we're free!
  5. I've been keeping this in mind as I've been looking it up. I have heated grips that possibly haven't been used much before also
  6. It was okay when I picked it up but the ride home was v. Short. Seems it's trying to die anywhere bellow 2000 ish when riding, back firing etc. And having to keep the revs up and constantly think about is a bit shit after a break for myself and finally being on something other than a 125
  7. It was serviced before I was bought it, thing is I ran it a few times in the meantime to get MOT, get restricted etc. and it was fine? Last time being restrictors about a month prior to riding properly.
  8. Fluctuates when auto choke comes off too, which seems to warm up around 1800 1900
  9. Thanks leener someone suggested Redex? It warms up on autochoke which shuts off and revs drop off. At that point it seems to try stall with tick over any lower. It had a service just before I garaged it (plus only 1900 on the clock so hopefully nothing too wrong). When I come to a stop with clutch pulled in they drop too low and it tries to stall/does stall if I don't catch it.
  10. Yup ER6n Got it set to about 1500/600 atm on warming up but seems to drop lower/fluctuate like it wants to cut out when coming to a stop Ridden for about 180 miles since been sat
  11. Was at 1000 prev but don't know why it would have been that low from prev owner?
  12. Might still be using the dregs of the fuel from before, have added fuel recently though? Turned tick over up a little but still seems to be cutting out :/
  13. After a long stretch garaged unintentionally, finally have the ER on road. Only thing is now I've started using it, it seems to be idling too low, cutting out and dying when stopped and when warming up after autochoke drops off. Obvious answer to this is adjust screw to bring tick over back up, but what could be the reason for this? Don't want to just ignore it if it could become an issue. I don't have much luck with bikes. I just want everything to be okay for once haha! I'm due some good luck... pleaseee. Anyway, got off on a tangent, suggestions?
  14. When they attempted to steal the cg they cut the fuel pipe. Is this easy to get hold of/replace? Is it one size fits all?
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