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  1. Try the Motorcycle Mart in Kidderminster or there is Skellerns in Worcester, also the Honda dealer in Bromsgrove
  2. I used a motorcross helmet when I had my Quad, I think they are fine but not much good at speed as the peak tends to catch the wind and pull your head back
  3. Great review, always nice to hear whats good and bad and what makes it better
  4. Excellent and informative reviews there
  5. Thanks for that link, I found a very informative post. Sounds like its going to be rather expensive though!
  6. That had crossed my mind Colin haha but I do like it so want to fix it. I was thinking along those lines too Tango
  7. Hi all I am having problems with my gearbox. When in 4th gear and on the throttle it will jump to 3rd and also give false neutrals under hard acceleration. Every other gear is fine it just seems to be with 4th. I have checked the gear shifter position and also have tried pulling up hard on the shifter to make certain 4th is engaged but the problem persists. Any idea's ? Thanks Matt
  8. For my visor I just lay wet kitchen roll over it, leave it for a few mins and all the flies wipe straight off... Wipe dry with dry kitchen roll and voilla
  9. I have those Arlen Ness leathers and they are amazing, I tried lots on and those fitted me the best with a honey comb type lining inside. It was just a massive bonus that I loved the look of them aswell but as others have said buy the ones that fit the best.
  10. Looks like you had a great time.... I'm planning on doing Europe next year
  11. You should head towards Craven arms. Go through Kiddy and head towards Bridgenorth, you can always stop at the cafe at Quatt. Turn left at the island up the bi-pass, straight on then there is a road off to the left sign posted to Craven Arms, great road. You can always come back through Ludlow then over the Clee Hills.
  12. Very nice lid... Been looking for ages myself for one I like... What model and design is that ?
  13. Would of liked to but on me hols then....
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