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  1. I didn't think I sent you my personal Xmas card 😁
  2. That's the most sensible thing you've said since the last most sensible thing 👍
  3. Looks like a nice day out, hope you have many more 👍
  4. @Slowlycatchymonkey Yup I agree they exist in both sides of relationship, my point was just you can't always believe everything, I'm not defending or condoning any actions, mental torture can be juat as bad as physical and have just as deadly an outcome. I'm sure had I been famous I would have been dragged through the papers and been well documented. Sorry to hear bout sister in law, I was on jury service for a case that ended in murder, I've seen the photographs of that stabbing and the brutality of the attack and sadly the finality of it.
  5. Once I know I can do it I get bored 😁
  6. Kids get presents, every one else can go jump for me 😂 My biggest concern before Xmas, did we really get enough beer and wine.
  7. I had one before the shoie, and the wife now uses it, she prefers it to her girly hjc.
  8. Problem with ex partners is they are not always the most reliable, I could have served time and never been allowed to see my kids again if the court had believed a word from her, yes we ended up in court. Ahhhh I hear you say but that's just one, I had another who wanted me done too when it ended, she turned into a proper bunny boiler, I even had her mam threatening to stab me, luckily it was recorded on my answer machine. As for tattoo's I personally hate them and have told the wife, who has a small one, when I'm in charge of social cleansing I'm starting with the tattoo brigade 😁
  9. Now I could if I wanted to but I don't, unless it's something that has me interested. I have a very good friend who lives for bikes and charges very little, he actually likes doing it, I can then spend that time doing something I have to do, want to do or something I can do as I'm terrified of letting someone else do 😁
  10. That was yesterday,I must not have completed posting it When I do a job I do it to the same standard that I would do for myself as.
  11. Well so far so good, I was told to play nice by the wife thismorning she was afeared we would be left with a sub-base drive 😁 Everything that was supposed to be done has been, I can't lift manhole but worst case is some pointing on the inside. I've just spent 2hrs raking, removing boulders, leveling off the himalayas that they had put down, I think they notice the difference when they return, my vibrator is bigger than theirs
  12. They copied those traits from me.
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