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  1. Is that the world's smallest chiminea or are you 50ft tall
  2. I've a friend who gave up learning to ride after he came down with vertigo, not been a long term diagnosis but his comes and goes and sharp movement of head can set it of.
  3. @goatgood to see you out, was just wondering how things were going with the vertigo.
  4. Over night through storm, big audi 100avant and twin axle tourer, was great tow car. Cut across to Edinburgh, up to Inverness and on to Ullapool
  5. How less aggressive do you want to go? Forward control harley, or upright adventure style?
  6. I did way down south once, got to Porlock hill campsite, then drove to Ullapool in one go, God they were miserable twats down there
  7. Doubt anyone would confuse you with XTreme bob, I think you summed it up spot on.
  8. I don't think it's an attempt to justify it it's just a likely unknown. He's very probably a complete twat, the stabber that is, but if you've ever had neighbours who are complete twats all of the time with no consideration for anyone but them selves it's easy to see how said twat would snap. We've had them, I'm just not the stabbing kind, in America he would have shot them all. Was a video doing the rounds last year of some twats shoveling snow onto another neighbours drive, apparently he had been getting grief off them for years, both the bloke and his wif
  9. Been kitchening at daughters again. Vinyl flooring today, made it awkward by starting with the overlap joint going the wrong way, this was on purpose as it was the only way I could get the door way done without taking off door trims hey ho
  10. Ouch. Happy birthday
  11. Medium loctite should be fine, I keep it in my van but it's a bit out of your way I would stick with split pin too.
  12. If chain is scrap then grinder I think that's how it goes in visual basic.
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