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  1. It would appear that what ever fire precautions and response systems they had in place were inadequate.
  2. What a waste. https://www.gpone.com/en/2021/01/18/auto-news/fire-in-the-worlds-highest-motorcycle-museum-200-motorcycles-burned.html
  3. The advantages are stability, braking and grip as you have 2 wheels in contact with the road at the front
  4. Is that like eBay for rocks?
  5. Not being bored at all I decided to make a stand for a lump of rock my eldest picked up from glen Afric some 18yrs ago, it's meandering around the house days are over. Chopped up coach bolt, welded to a multitool blade and drilled into Mr rock head.
  6. Do you remember how much it cost
  7. My pc is now removed from the Internet due to updates causing issues.
  8. If it's only a small area it's easier to start off, should have left artex up and just boarded over it, much quicker and less plastering, just tape joints, fill and sand. Have a look on YouTube, much better watching someone do it.
  9. Who wants ice-cream in winter, do they still sell singles
  10. Thin plastic sheets for walls, seal surface, mix skim coat to fairly thin mix, sliding off trowel, slap it on as even ish as you can, don't worry about trowl marks when you first put it on, leave till it starts firming up, go over with trowel cleaned regularly in clean water, it should look fairly flat with very minor marks now. Leave it till its just about set you can then Polish it with a plant spray to moisten surface and flatten off/Polish. Ceiling is not the easiest thing to start off with but walls will be easy for you after a that
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