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  1. As a kid our cat stalked an owl, cat didn't realise how big it was, owl just looked and thought foods come to me, could hear the cat go fcuk, cat legged it
  2. Routine is good, gives you a chance for the whisky tasting
  3. I think your taking this thread a tad seriously My wife knows full well when I tell her I'm watching porn I'm looking at tools or bikes or cars.
  4. Once I got parental responsibility, I found the schools were fine, @Mississippi Bullfrog unfortunately what the law says and what should be done means little when your dealing with a deranged ex bent on destroying your relationship with kids. Most of the time it was simply down to believing the mother and taking her word for things, which can't be blamed on the schools she was very believable.
  5. This weekend me and the wife are going out for a walk
  6. Old csa weren't that bad, I think alot of it comes from folk simply not wanting to pay for kids and trying anyway to get out of it, what was bad was how they went about administering it. I got a call at 6pm in a shopping center from a withheld number asking me to confirm who I was,ie give my name addy, dob and ni number, I refused on the grounds they could have been anyone. I was told that I could not call them back and if I refused to give details I would be classed as being uncooperative and would incur further charges, fuckwits, I refused Schools yup they
  7. I don't think he was live streaming Lovely castle, been to and past many a time, always makes me smile, as does getting past Stirling
  8. I'm just popping out for 5mins No dear I'm not looking at bikes its porn. I got it for free (can be used in most situations)
  9. No distillery when I was last down that way although it was 30yr ago in a 2 1/4 diesel land-rover going very slow, it was the only speed it did.
  10. I used to like radio 2 but find they now swing way too far with music selection even within the same show.
  11. Don't think there was anything sneaky about it. I like them muchy muchy
  12. What are you trying to achieve how do they work now and how do you want them you work?
  13. I think we should vote for who gets what honor, what could go wrong, arise sir knighty mc night face.
  14. You should all hang your heads in shame with all this gratuitous displaying of alcohol whilst some of us continue with our abstinence
  15. Let's get one thing straight, I don't wear nail varnish, I may have on the odd occasion let the granddaughter decorate me with makeup and nail varnish but it's not something I do to myself
  16. It is possible the reader was having a wobbly but I don't think so, it was on correctly and swapping it to another finger only upped it by 1, it went to 70odd the instant it went on the wife's finger, and by the time we put it back on me I was upto 45. I've spent a night on an ecg before all that got me was a follow-up with a doctor to see if I was still alive
  17. Evening, I've just completed a survey for the BBC, I doubt I'm on their Xmas card list now
  18. I think high is worse, I have been in hospital once with a minor heart issue but that was put down to stress related to the crap in the kids access thread it actually put me in a&e I've never been one for fit bit type things but I'm wondering if I should look into something that logs it.
  19. During our journey through covid the wife was concerned about her breathing it certainly affected her more than me and she often felt breathing very restrictive. So she purchased an oximeter which does pulse and oxygen saturation, this was advice from a friend who does the 111 scripted line. She's been hovering between 91 to 95 but not getting any worse with pulse resting about 75. So obviously I had to try it now it showed up something I wasn't expecting, oxygen level 95 to 99 all good, pulse resting 29 try other hand and another finger 30bpm. I
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