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  1. I haver a BMW1200RT I filter with this but change the pannier lids for narrower city lids. The panniers may be no wider than the mirrors but if you have to weave a little the back of the bike takes a closer track to the side you moving too.
  2. Joined MAG for a while but the local group was poorly organised and seemed to be an unofficial branch of a major political party, rather than a group advocating for the motorcyclists. The National group would appear to have got their act together recently so may be something I consider again in the future. I note that the Belgium MAG organisation folded before Christmas and the Dutch one had recently too
  3. Pity you cant export the Cafe information to a POI type file. I will add a few more Cafes in the North West that I visit regularly during the summer. My only concern is will they open again post Covid
  4. exportmanuk

    Oil Can Cafe

    Cafe in a garage-workshop that renovates old cars
  5. Motorway services popular with Bikers MC Donnald, Costa and toilets
  6. Back in the 70s I used a 125 for days out with the GF all over the north of England that said I'm probably the same weight now as the pair of us where then. In more recent times I have used a ER6 two up A sprint GT and a BMWR1200RT There is certainly more then enough grunt in a ER6 for most requirements and they are much easier to handle than a Trophy or similar. I come across far too many riders who pass the their direct access then go a buy a litre plus bike, only to find it too heavy too bike or too powerful can't ride it well because they are scared by it. Buy a mid size bike ge
  7. Aprilia to modern you should be looking at bike engines over 10 years old probably 20 years or more
  8. Hi I have been using Helmchat (android) recently works OK if you have a decent 3-4G signal It piggy backs another group chat platform but tweaked for bikes and BT Helmet's. It will work on IOS but you use the app it piggybacking OK if at least one is on Android but I not sue if how well it works is all are IOS.
  9. Hi I have been wearing them for years I wear glasses and can put the helmet on without removing the glasses. No messing about trying to get my glasses back in the right position. Most recent is a Schuberth C3 Pro prior to that Nolans. Not had a problem with any but then thankfully I have not had to test them against something solid.
  10. Hi GMP have one thats used on the Bikesafe events. Usually its ridden by the teams Sargent. Not sure as he will let anyone else near
  11. I don't need to check my shoulders. If they were missing my arms would fall off. Blind spot check on the other hand are often a good idea especially if you have dodgy mirrors or have not been checking them. Then when I filter past you it is not going to be a surprise.
  12. Hi The leather will stretch a little but in winter you may want thicker socks so look for a comfortable fit. Gear change can be moved depending on the bike will depend on how it is adjusted but you should be able to move it to a better position
  13. Many cameras now use infrared not a flash
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