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  1. Get as much education as you can via enhanced/bike safe/IAM/ROSPA/biker down.
  2. I've been offered test drives of cars recently so I should imagine bikes would be no problem.
  3. I'm sure we'll both make one of these trips at the same time one day. Looking after yourself is always the prioroty
  4. My camping gear will be in regular use in the uk so I’m more then happy to use it on the continent. I’ve had my first dose of the oaz vaccine already and my second is in mid June so I’ll have as much protection as I can by September. I’m restricted with work that if I need to be quarantined either in a hotel or even at home then it’s a no go for me. If that’s the case I’ll do a week trip on the bike in the uk.
  5. Could have hit a spot of oil causing the back to slip slightly
  6. There’s no particularly great roads near the factory but if you have any technical issues with your bike and you need a hand I live very close.
  7. I've requested the time off work. I can't wait to be heading to the tunnel.
  8. A proper tool cabinet like this is a worthy investment. Be prepared to completely forget what tools are in which drawers though and have to open at least 3 before finding the one you want.
  9. Was it these? https://youtu.be/4RMgLleH-PY
  10. I haven't booked anything but I still have my eurotunnel crossings from last year that I've pushed back once already and I'm hoping to be able to push back again. After 2 years of booking rooms at the travel lodge and not being able to turn up for either I'm tempted to hold off until I know its absolutely on!
  11. I would be taking it to an independant
  12. Is that the 1050 or the new one?
  13. Triumph servicing is very expensive, I paid £650 for the 12k mile service on my street triple.
  14. I will be going somewhere. When and where is to be found out but I will be going away on my bike at some point.
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