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  1. I'm enjoying it, it's more of a travel programme than a programme about bikes.
  2. Thank you, I don't care about other peoples thoughts but it is an odd attitude that others take to the GS. I live 10 minutes from the Triumph factory so will always be swayed towards them but I went to look at a GS at the local dealer which is in the same network as the Triumph one that I got my street from and they had a shocking attitude. I've had a bad experience with my local car BMW dealer too though.
  3. Thanks for that. Great write up. The BMW dealer I was talking to said ask anyone who’s rude about them if they’ve ever ridden one. And yes some people have had bad experiences but mostly the sneers seem to come from people who’ve never owned a BMW. I spent about 6 months trying and failing to explain to my other half why he needs a different bike for touring, not that he couldn’t do it on a low rider but it just wasn’t the best tool for the job. Eventually I hit the right spot when I said, so you’ll be happy leaving all that shiny chrome out in the rain will you? Three days later he said
  4. [mention]Slowlycatchymonkey[/mention]
  5. I nod to everyone but the vast majority ignore me. The joys of riding a GS.
  6. I had a car written off about 10 years ago. They paid out, I bought a new car and they covered that until the end of the policy. Why cancel the policy just ask them to insure your new bike? It sounds like you are complaining because you want to go to the expense of buying a new policy rather than just carrying on with the current one.
  7. Ohh is the quest for a new bike nearly over? Fingers crossed your insurance Co is playing ball about the old one.
  8. I'm Leicestershire but only go on ride outs to Germany
  9. I just kept them in a bag and strapped them down with my tent and chair to the pillion seat.
  10. Happy to make a donation from any sales. I only have about 10 in total to sell though so neither of us will be able to retire from it I'm afraid
  11. Thank you I appreciate that, I've thrown together a simple website which may help too www.flatpackfirepit.com
  12. I've put this in bike related as I designed these specifically to go in my panniers but arguably it could go in the general. I designed these to be small but still make a decent fire. I made a few prototypes out of paper then card and finally out of stainless steel. I was really pleased with it and was going to leave it at that but other people liked it and asked if I could make them one. It was a bit of a faff using the jigsaw to cut them out so I spoke to a local firm who said they could laser cut some for me. I've had a few of them made up which I've nearly sold out of so I've got an
  13. Do you mean on youtube? Teapotone, Mrfish and Richy Vida have just done something on a couple of honda cubs and sinnis 125. They have called it the big little adventure.
  14. I'd never sat on a motorbike before I turned up for the CBT. I'm slightly younger than you but I still took to it later in life. If you have the ability to listen and take on board what they are saying you will be fine. Just get a CBT booked, if you don't like what's going on you can walk away at any time, you are there because you want to and be don't feel pressured to go on the road if you you don't feel safe to. The instructors will have seen just about everything before, you won't be unique and they will do their best to put you at ease. Learning to ride has been one of the best
  15. The electric element is the challenge, they've already done a couple of adventures which are far far bigger than most of us will ever do on petrol. Being able to pick up petrol pretty much anywhere or have spare taken on the support vehicles is easy. Yes they have the sprinter full of batteries that they have tried to charge from but couldn't, maybe they sort that later but range anxiety and where the next charge is coming from makes it a harder challenge for them to do and more entertaining for us to watch.
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