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  1. Could have hit a spot of oil causing the back to slip slightly
  2. There’s no particularly great roads near the factory but if you have any technical issues with your bike and you need a hand I live very close.
  3. I've requested the time off work. I can't wait to be heading to the tunnel.
  4. A proper tool cabinet like this is a worthy investment. Be prepared to completely forget what tools are in which drawers though and have to open at least 3 before finding the one you want.
  5. Was it these? https://youtu.be/4RMgLleH-PY
  6. I haven't booked anything but I still have my eurotunnel crossings from last year that I've pushed back once already and I'm hoping to be able to push back again. After 2 years of booking rooms at the travel lodge and not being able to turn up for either I'm tempted to hold off until I know its absolutely on!
  7. I would be taking it to an independant
  8. Is that the 1050 or the new one?
  9. Triumph servicing is very expensive, I paid £650 for the 12k mile service on my street triple.
  10. I will be going somewhere. When and where is to be found out but I will be going away on my bike at some point.
  11. I bought these for my GS. I really just wanted to install an innov camera system but I didn’t want to cut the wires on the bike so went for the can smart to control it. Once I’d bought that I thought I might as well get the lights and horn too. I’m impressed with it all and is very well built. Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but I’m happy with it. It looks good whilst I do my best to keep the chicken strips on the tyres as wide as possible. I bought everything from https://www.abikething.com/ and fitted it myself. The guy also offers a fitting service if you don
  12. I'm not sure to be honest,my sister bought it for me, she is a guide leader and had a lot of scout friends so she asked them for guidance and this one was what most of them recommended.
  13. Easily sorted with one of these, but to be honest I haven't had an issue, cue it falling over on my 1st use this year. https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15908523/oex-gas-canister-stabilising-stand-15908523/?istCompanyId=c2ec8a5d-93c1-4850-a97a-f4d89d7c99c8&istFeedId=2755fba0-7dfe-46a9-bfd0-09b37aed8b93&istItemId=warpprpiw&istBid=t&gclid=CjwKCAiAouD_BRBIEiwALhJH6EVhwsdw0kThwpPtOxydfZm3GUdFnU2gEpYFbGXfbmX-xyIxtEyKaBoCUYEQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  14. Far too big for bike camping but I have one for when we go camping with the car. For camping on the bike I have a MSR pocet rocket 2. It's ultra compact and works really well even in the wind. https://www.outdoorgear.co.uk/MSR-PocketRocket-2-Stove-sku53105502.asp?gclid=CjwKCAiAouD_BRBIEiwALhJH6ByX9dWImL2e4NSXjjR4kHXMHIo3SIK-3PlAGpKIMAbXDogbeTB3zBoCmqsQAvD_BwE For stuff to cook in I've got the seat to summit x32 set which includes a saucepan, frying pan and kettle. It' all folds up and fits into the frying pan. Not cheap but I think it's worth the money https://www.outdo
  15. The books by Sam manicom are really good. Basic premise is he fancies an adventure so gets a bike licence and 3 months later sets off to south Africa. There are 4 books in the series as he ends up travelling the world over 8 years. https://www.sam-manicom.com/into-africa/#.X_HORcDfXDs
  16. Enjoy learning to ride it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Have you got anywhere to park a bike in London? Theft rates in London are unbelievably high.
  17. I bought what I’d been learning to ride. It’s taken me a couple of years and a few bikes to work out what I want/need. i just learnt to ride for a laugh I had no need for a bike but I’ve found that I like to go on long trips, camping or all day rides rather than short blasts.
  18. Saray grill kebabs! I've missed those. I need to sort my annual leave out for next year, I've got some extra days for next year so I don't think it will be an issue but worse case I can't stay for the full week.
  19. Thank you @Slowlycatchymonkey I'm glad you like it. It can create quite a large fire especially considering the size of it. I still have a couple of these if anyone else would like one.
  20. Who have we got on the trip for '21?
  21. Thank you, I think I might actually still be in that group. Very true. Passed my test 3 years ago and I'm on my 4th. I think this one's a keeper though.
  22. I'm not sure what's best the amazing present or that you have done route planning for euro trips just using your phone. Either way congratulations and merry Christmas!
  23. Have you checked with your insurers to see if your premium will change? A lot of people in London don't have bikes due to the cost of insurance.
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