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  1. So apparently ABS doesn't work once the ignition has been switched off. But there must be a work around. I have had a go on a BMW Evolution C. This applies a brake to the rear wheel when the side stand is down, regardless of having the ignition switched off, and it is impossible to move. Ultimately a thief could always cut the brake line but it would make the bike unrideable. I would much rather they tried, crashed and wrecked the bike than get away with it intact. If this doesn't exist I'm going to set about creating it. Watch this space, I'll be back with a prototype, in about 5 to 1
  2. Hi. I'm about to buy a new bike, Yamaha MT-07, and I'm worried about it being stolen, I live in London. I've been watching videos of motorbike theft and it mostly seems to follow the same pattern: 1. Remove physical lock (disc lock or chain, often with a hand held angle grinder) 2. Break the steering lock (far too easy) 3. Push the bike away Often step 3 will be done with the aid of another bike. The rider on the second bike puts his foot on the first and pushes it along. Does anyone know of an immobiliser that applies the brakes on a bike when it is activated? I was thinking t
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