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    Riding bikes, talking about bikes, looking at bikes blah blah. Looking for people to ride with as most of the time I'm on my own!
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  1. I've got nobody to PM - as I say it was short notice so wasn't really expecting anything. Was a cracking day in the end and I managed to tag on with a few people including a mental Tuono. If you're the rider of that, are reading this and remember a green kawasaki waving you by and then holding on with you - fair play to you! My guardian Angel was struggling to keep up with me for that 29 mins Hope everybody had a good ride out on Sunday 🏍
  2. So, this is very short notice I know - but the missus wants the day to sort the house on Sunday and therefore, me gone!!! So, I going to head into Wales. Anybody in the north-west, preferably south of Manchester fancy meeting somewhere and coming with?
  3. I could do Monday if you like? Haven't done the cat and fiddle for years but I'd be happy to fiddle along
  4. I've only gone there a couple times. Normally head for betswy coed or whatever it's called or bala lake. Easy to get home from
  5. Middlewich in Cheshire. Tend to blast round Macclesfield/alderly edge way - or Warrington to Wrexham or head into Wales if I'm out for a while day. What about yourself?
  6. Hi, newbie to the forum. I'd like to get some ride outs with people going. Most of the time I'm out on my own, which is fine as it means I can go at my own pace etc but it would be great to get out with other riders too. I can do most days apart from Wednesday and every second weekend with a bit of notice. Anybody who's interested let me know. Cheers, Matt.
  7. I live in Cheshire. Middlewich to be precise. With a bit of notice I can do most days and every other weekend. Be good to get out on the bike with other people. Let me know
  8. Me! Me me me me! Sick of riding on my own 99%of the time. Count me in!!
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