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  1. David we can organize something some time! I'm marco nice to meet you!, let's keep in touch
  2. Hello people!, yesterday they try to steal my motorcycle.. That's why I think I want to use it as much as possible I don't know nothin about street here but I can se that none is taking initiative.. so I search online this could be nice (little trip) and on Saturday morning I'm off Someone want to join ? We can decide where we can met and than we go for like 8:30 am 9:00 and back for a late lunch Let me knowww The one selected but if you have ideas just write down!
  3. Dangit Sam we all know it's not a one time thing. This isn't the worst joke thread! ....forgot you were back, thought I'd get away with it I don't understand why is so jungle.. the center suppose to be safe..
  4. Don't know why but I guess you've good taste as well
  5. What do you want to know? As for the speed limit signs, they're all like this: http://www.thermmark.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/30mph-speed-roundel-product-0-180x180.png with the speed limit in miles per hour inside. And there's also this sign http://www.centraldt.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/nsl.png which basically means 60mph, unless the road is a dual carriageway, with a dividing section between the two directions of traffic - when it means 70pmh. The only thing to watch for here is that if the road has this sign and it changes from single to dual carriageway and back, th
  6. Thanks I have 2 block disk, 1 of those with screamer The front look like this and apart from the slip on I'm gonna replace the raw plastic with carbon fiber and I'm gonna put ohlins sospension ttx gp at the back and I have to think about he front.. but I'll take my time I'll do everything slowly cause she is already pleasing me a lot
  7. Thanks hoggs! yes they aware me a lot already, I pop in the BMW Motorrad in park lane where a seller ask me if I was sure to bring Filomena from Milano cause he recive every two day a notice about an s1000rr stolen.. but I can't stay without her so I got cover with the insurance and i bought a lot of thick locker and an almax 19mm chain... I got really scared even for the YouTube video about the panigale get stolen in central London.. but than I read that they stole even the two official bmw of an important racing team that for sure they were well guarded.. so as we say in Italy.. " amen
  8. She is Filomena is a 2011 BMW s1000rr I love her and I drove her from Milano to London last month! I can't wait to ride all around England with all of you! If you live around London and you going somewhere just pop a message if I'm off I'll join you Looove my baby❤
  9. I live in London!, but we can't crate something like a cruise group ? Or maybe already exist?
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