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  1. On the plus side I was actually made to give details at a pub last Thursday so I'm sure our World Beating track and trace system will save us Now, are they going to make my year and extend the furlough scheme? I can but hope.
  2. Are you sure it doesn't just need some gentle percussive persuasion?
  3. Are you now faffing about at Eureka, as is tradition?
  4. Ohhh look the one time I'm not there and he successfully makes it to Liechtenstein, pffff
  5. This is the one at Hoar park right? I'd assumed it was cancelled due to a certain viral event but if it's on I might actually give it a go, I never could before due to being of working age but lovely furlough stops that being an issue!
  6. Just bear in mind that those torque figures are meant for brand new and perfectly clean threads unless specified otherwise. That is, no your dirty rear axle and used nut doesn't need the book spec and no the used sump plug, non-OEM washer and aluminium threads now covered in oil also doesn't need the book spec. It just needs doing up enough so it won't come undone. I use a 5-25Nm torque wrench more than a big one because the bolts for cam caps, coated in fresh oil like the book says, need to be right. Great big rusty/greasy fasteners on the chassis aren't nearly as picky.
  7. Snod Blatter


    Anglesey to set a new lap record? Top of Snowdon? Harz mountains? Oh oh Port Talbot steel works!
  8. Little update - poked around it with a multimeter, everything seemed fine. Fuses all intact, coils all fine, diodes seem to resist one way more than the other, couldn't figure it. Re-melted all the new joints, added some solder on top of a trace that was bare copper in one corner but appeared to conduct just fine, re-melted a connector pin that didn't look too clever, put it back together again and it didn't work. Turned it off and on again a few times and now it works!? Bloody electronics. I look forward to it failing just when I really don't want it to..
  9. Like, like, like, like... Harz mountains next?
  10. Have you tried it since you did this? Did it make any difference? There is talk of the same mod all over the TRX forum but I can't help but think that by the time it's got all the way to being a spark at the plug it maybe just doesn't matter.. Plus I don't want to chop any wires.
  11. Snod Blatter


    I got drunk just from reading this post
  12. Been having a little compooter trouble recently.. As in it stopped working.. https://i.imgur.com/1PZHqwV.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'> https://i.imgur.com/Z0u9sjS.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'> https://i.imgur.com/KcoTz91.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'> Hmmm. Carnage. But..! https://i.imgur.com/fRJNhKf.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'> https://i.imgur.com/F5iFUXw.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'> Annoyingly, while filling in a previously empty spot, the via came out so I had to do a little super professional rework: https://i.imgur.com/3UYPJCm.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'> Get the fire extinguisher ready (I don't have one.
  13. Interesting!! Perhaps Leicester does deserve the extra lockdown after all..
  14. Please, it's been done.. https://i.imgur.com/oekryBb.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>
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