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  1. oh im enjoying it ride it everyday since i got it lol I think your right about the weight as the differnace between the cbf and the fzr has threw me a little. i shouldnt have expected them to be the same to ride looking at it now Appreciate all the responses folks will just need to keep at it till we gel
  2. thanks for the input guys I think it is just a confidance thing so i'll take bobs advice and go chuck it on the ground then go for a spin lol Thanks all
  3. thanks for the input guys, the tyres are fairly new (seen the receipts) and look to be in good shape tyre pressure is good too. it all looks ok to me mechanically from my limited knowledge, I do have it booked in for a full service and health check from my local garage next week so maybe he will spot something. Hoping its just an adjustment period because on the Big roads its such a fun thing to ride, still getting over the wind not affecting my top speed after two years on a 125 lol XD poor cbr125 feels like a pushbike now
  4. Not posted for a long while so hi I recently passed my test (yey) and have bought myself a '94 fzr 600 r but im not sure if its too much for me or just a case of new bike adjustment i did my lessons and tests on a cbf600 and could handle that just fine, didn't feel too powerful and could low speed manoeuvre np This fzr though... it feel a LOT more powerful even though its the same engine size and im having trouble doing slow speed manoeuvring, feels so big and heavy and the turning circle is non existent. Practising in a car park i cant do a U turn within the space for the mod 1
  5. there ya go took the pic down seems its so upsetting to you i was just trying to help someone more fool me.
  6. I clean and lube it every month and as i said its knackered, getting replaced payday
  7. ive got mine right on 9 but my chains about ready to be replaced, on its last legs lol you can see mine sits just above the plastic by about 5mm it has enough to play to push it down to the plastic though. hope that helps .
  8. That looks slack to me mate maybe try another notch shouldn't be catching the plastic. When I get home I'll take a vid of mine so you can see how it compares. You say one side is damaged , is it affecting the level of the wheel and are both sides on the same number?
  9. 8/10 not bad for a noob lol just got the crossing type wrong and speed limit i always thought single carrigeway was 50mph heh nice to know im not speeding lol
  10. No need to guess the chain slack mate, if you hold a taper measure on the rear of the frame the chain should fall within 5.5cm and 7.5cm on the tape measure , Just measured the usable range window on my guard for you , just flung a chain guard as well cause it was cracked and replaced it coulda had it if id known you needed one lol >.<
  11. Could just need adhusting, is it in the usable range window on the chain guard, and do you have any more numbers left to adjust to on back adjustment plates? As for wires yeah mine are same I sealed them up with some tape. your on the older model if I remember, square clocks? You should have some fairing to cover them if so, on mine the 2002 model they have nothing covering them! Lol
  12. it pass's buddy trust me, ive had a few offs due to wet weather ive come off on a wet road due to braking to hard on a white line (30mph spill total wipe out lol) and a week later due to death gripping in the rain i didnt turn enough and went off again (i did a forward roll in the air , remember shouting tuck and roll! as i flew off then laid in a heap laughing my arse off). Its took a while for me to loosen up again, all i can advise is whats worked for me. Ride ride ride , make reasons just to pop out for a quick spin your confidence will come back. the downhill cornering, drop your sp
  13. lovley bike mate as megawatt said, the acf50 helps. lot of chrome on the sr so will find you need to keep it looked after to avoid rust. one thing i find with my SR is it can gather a hell of a lot of gunk under the front sprocket cover so keep and eye on that when your doing chain maintenance Other than the that its just the usual stuff, keep chain lubed, keep tabs on air filter and watch oil level and brake fluid levels/conditions and keep her clean (paint job buffs up fantastic on these bikes with a bit of wax) Enjoy your SR its a cracking little bike and im sure you will enjoy it!
  14. Just looking at these old pics, looks so diff now lol since i got her ive: Replaced the mirrors fitted a topbox fitted new mirror holders fitted new LED indicators from bulbs (including a resister to slow them down) Fitted new grips Re-vamped the petrol tanks look (hated the gold trim yuk) Replaced the busted left footpeg Replaced the chain guard Touched up the engine block and body paint Fitted a phone holder Fitted a USB charger put on various decals and none cosmetically fitted a cone airfilter instead of the airbox, adjusted the carb to compensate and replaced the sprocke
  15. You'll find your grip is just not as good in the wet buddy, as people say just take it steady all you can do and make sure tyre pressure is correct i learned the fall on my arse way what a difference that makes in wet conditions lol oh and +1 on white lines in the wet there slippier than a ppi salesman.
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