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  1. What a strange food parcel to receive .... certainly not what you'd expect! Good stuff and nice that she's getting it but I would have thought it would have been something more substantial?
  2. Certainly a cheaper method if you can do that
  3. I often wonder, post covid, "whenever that may be", where the government are going to find the money to fund their very ambitious plans, national debt is running into billions of pounds! Unemployment is at an all time high and is set to get worse and now the reality of Brexit is also starting to hit home....I think we're all gonna be in the shite for some time to come just trying to keep our heads above water sadly.
  4. Morning everyone .... Out for an early walk with the dog, a bit white out this morning! It's thawing fast now though
  5. Sadly I knew it would be! I personally think 2021 is set to be just as shite as last year.....
  6. That is one of the better looking e-bikes I've seen, the cost however is horrific
  7. It's a lot heavier and more robust than it looks in the picture, rubber feet on the underside to prevent slip, the rollers can be altered to accommodate different size tyres and it has a rubber bung to go under the side stand (if needed) to make the bike sit a bit more upright .... I'm well impressed with it (easily pleased me)
  8. Just bought one of these from SBS, I so wish I had have done this a long time ago .... Money well spent! Makes cleaning and getting to the tyre valve to check pressures so much easier
  9. Interesting video. I've always found penetrating oils to be pretty hit and miss, I'm not an engineer but I work on the assumption that if the oil can't actually penetrate past the bolt to get to the rusted threads stopping it from moving then its a waste of time .... what I did used to do, with some success, on old Landy's was to use a heat gun and sweat the bolts loose, obviously that can't always be done but it is effective.
  10. I was forwarded this by a friend and thought I'd post it to see if anyone wants to join by sending him a card ..... Not many of these old boys left and it's easy to forget how much they all sacrificed for us
  11. I had charging problems with mine on one occasion, firmware upgrade sorted it. My two biggest gripes were sound and the camera not recording. Wherever I mounted the camera the sound quality was crap. I sorted it with a remote Microphone after getting advise here on the forum and am much happier with it now. I found out that it was failing to record because I was pressing the record button straight after powering the camera on, apparently, after powering on, they suggest leaving it for ten to twenty seconds before hitting the record button. I just wish these snippets of advice were made c
  12. Tend not to watch much news, fed up with same old crap being regurgitated .... I thought Al Jazeera was Arabic??
  13. Thats the last time I ever get invited to build a snowman!
  14. I had a similar issue some time ago, funnily enough that was after a windows update as well! My issue was apparently a driver issue, drivers on the computer had to be updated .... I'm no computer whizz, a neighbour did it for me, I'm sure there'll be instructions on Google somewhere for it though.
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