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  1. Another fooking politician talking out of her over privileged arse! Does she not realise that those who use bikes illegally or anti socially will find ways to circumnavigate these tracking systems, just like they find ways around every other security measure used!
  2. I used to chop and change helmets all the time, always used to suffer with frontal head pain on long journeys, I was then recommended to try Shoei, which I did, and loved it. Have stuck with Shoei ever since. It would have to be something very special to drag me away from that brand now.
  3. It feels like it's always raining here .... I only know summers arrived because the rain gets warmer!
  4. Fook! And I thought it was bad here
  5. I agree with Mississippi, we always see an increase in accidents at this time of year when people get the bikes out, dust them off, and presume that they're still as sharp as they were after a several month lay up. I ride all year round so would like to think that my riding skills are pretty constant. However I've still done advanced training above and beyond test standard. I did a one day off road course in Wales a couple of years ago, more for fun, but IMHO any training is good training. I was going to do the bike master course but that was put on hold due to covid, this year I'm doing
  6. I find laying on my roof like this is a really good theft deterrent, ...... Seriously though I use ABUS alarmed disc lock and an Oxford revolver cable lock when away from home, using a cover and being mindful about where you park it is also a good idea. At home the bike is garaged, I would recommend looking at Almax chains and ground anchors. There are also some good trackers on the market but they can be expensive, and IMHO, some of the cheaper ones are just as effective as the more expensive, factory installation and subscription jobbies....
  7. Defo buzzing on council pop ..... It was full of sugar
  8. manxie49

    New battery

    Thanks, that's really useful, one of those simple solutions that you never think of!
  9. Hope its a good one
  10. The joys of riding on rural roads, had that happen a few times over the years, amazes me how it always seems to be in places where you're committed to the bend, and there isn't much you can do to avoid it ...... The same with manhole covers, there seems to be so many of them placed right on the apex of bends!
  11. As Stu said it could be any number of things or a combination. I ride all year round so for me "rear end twitch" is common, I ride off road as well and I think that also helps prepare me for the unexpected. These things happen from time to time, analyse it and learn from it but don't dwell on it, I know you don't want a repeat and that's understandable, but trust me when I say, if you continue motorcycling, sooner or later this sort of thing will happen again. You can't always guarantee perfect riding conditions and good roads. Take it easy mate
  12. manxie49


    Not holding much hope out for a much needed foreign holiday this year, but has anyone tried booking a holiday in this country? Nightmare! Everywhere seems bunged ...... Seriously looking like it'll be bike and a tent, I'm ok with that though so long as I can find a bit of peaceful space somewhere, probably end up in Wick! Possibly South of Ireland.
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