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  1. Are those your pink sliders too
  2. Took the A49 all the way to Long Mynd and back, plenty at the Raven Cafe too. A nice little 180 mile round trip.
  3. Pie man

    Bike safe

    And what's even worse. I booked with Greater Manchester with the course being held only 1 mile from me however, now their bookings are full. I thought I could use my voucher with Lancashire who have availability and are roughly 10 mile away, but oh no cant do that but could use my voucher with South Yorkshire 65-70 miles away
  4. Pie man

    Bike safe

    I booked one before Covid, sadly it had already gone up to £65 then. My course was cancelled due to C19 and I have been given a voucher valid for 2 years. I'm on the waiting list for when they start taking bookings again.
  5. I concur with Steve_M, and if you are short on stature you might need a step ladder to access the top box, the bike is naturally high at the rear. The 1050 engine will pack a punch, and would probably be fun in the twisties and a good commuter, but I'm no fan of the Trumpet and their gearbox. I like the idea of the 955i as a touring machine and with plenty of room, but depending on the commute it could be a little big for filtering. Test ride them both if you can and chose the one that ticks the box for you.
  6. looking at some campsites with camping pods that have opened, I don't understand as they only have hot and cold running urinals no WC's
  7. B@lloxs to going to the pub, a ride into Wales all being well at the weekend.
  8. Any thoughts on engine configuration V4 - V2 - Inline 4. BHP v Torque, I would have any of the 1000cc sports bikes. I've had an R1, Fireblade and 916. Loved them all but crippling to ride.
  9. I recall Years gone by you were either an Aria head or a Shoei head, so many different helmets on the market, never tried a Suomy although they are a premium brand.
  10. Questions not worth a carrot. I read somewhere, motorcycles and petrol lawnmowers were not in the scope of the decarbonisation bill for 2030.
  11. I used to wear Arai in my younger days, now I'm a little more rotund in my mature years, I find Schuberth C3 pro really comfortable, closely followed by HJC R-PHA ST
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if some barmpot at the council decides to do something similar for potholes, instead of repairing them, paint a big warning circle around them.
  13. Self-contained accommodation such as campsites and holiday lets, where indoor facilities are not shared with other households, can also reopen, so does this mean no tents, unless you poop in the woods... confused Edit: Just realised showers/WC open 17th May so camping in a tent is a no until then I suppose
  14. On Sunday I was overtaken by a biker on a blind summit. Total fookwit, forcing oncoming traffic to veer nearside just to miss him. I ride all year and just because I do ride all year and commute, I pick up bad habits, therefore I like to complete an annual bikesafe course (last year cancelled due to C19, just waiting for the next available course, voucher good for 2 years). Any further training is better than none. I try to ride defensively and think ahead, but sometimes I do wonder how I got to work
  15. It will probably be a digital cert, I've not got a problem with that.
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