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  1. It's on it's way. BP station near me now has as many charging points than fuel pumps.
  2. I prefer to plan my own trip and wing it, its far cheaper and I don't mind being on my own, or a max of 4. If I was to use a touring company I would probably book a self guided tour. Take a look on Mad or Nomad website there is a good write up about a self organised 14 day trip around the Alps. The author includes all the routes and hotels and links to passes etc. Some good info on there.
  3. Me too. I must have created between 6-8 trips/routes, anything from NC500-Normandy-Alps and beyond. In reality - Probably end up nowhere
  4. Without doubt it is a marvellous creation - IMO its rather fugly
  5. Covid caught a lot of businesses off guard. I wouldn't have expected many had a pandemic included in their business continuity plan.
  6. Unless I'm reading this wrong, it appears your work has the shittiest policy, who on earth created that risk assessment and risk matrix. So pleased to see your wife has been given her first vaccine.
  7. you could use grass roots football training saucer type cones 50no for less than a tenner
  8. I'm unsure of the regulations. Is that not a complete unit anyway . I think it refers to folks removing the halogen lamp/bulb and installing the LED lamp/bulb in its place. Not entirely sure
  9. I assume it relates to the content and appendices of an MOT testers manual.
  10. We have gadgets, but the ones I most like is the Blink smart camera set up. One at the front door the other covering the garage. Linked to our phones and echo show, the cameras have built in speakers, great for speaking to the delivery driver without opening the door or watching them throw the parcel over the fence
  11. I've got lazy, I don't use them unless I have too.
  12. This topic has no doubt been covered several times however FYI 4.1.4 comes into effect on the 1st Feb 2021 If such a conversion has been done, the ATC must fail the headlamp. My local garaged messaged me to say apparently VOSA will be very hot on this and as an mot testing centre they will have no choice as to implement the regulation change.
  13. I commute every day on the MT07 (until covid19) which also meant filtering on every commute. Part of my route is on the A580 which is a very busy and dangerous road at times, when I filter through the traffic and make my way to the front at traffic lights, if I pull in front of an HGV I always turn around and make sure the driver has seen me or I acknowledge the driver with a . Bike safe course every year for me, my commuting has left a lot to be desired in the past.
  14. I bought myself an old man ass cushion (Air Hawk) makes a big difference on transit days when I need to cover 500+ miles
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