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  1. Cheers! Been looking for a decent website that's actually legitimate, most of the websites I'm finding look like something I'd see when I access phishing links in my workplace lmfao. Good to have a recommendation for somewhere hahahaha.
  2. Sounds like a good way to make things worse if I did happen to get inspected again for it hahahaha, I'd rather get caught with the exhaust than get caught actively trying to hide that I had the exhaust
  3. Oh he did, I received a £100 fine for the plate, but he didn't bother to go any further with the exhaust, not too sure why, but presumably it was too much effort for him to bother. So you paid £100 because you didn't spent £12 on a proper plate... Yeah not the smartest move admittedly hahahahaha, I did originally have a legal plate on it, but it snapped, and at that point I just put back on the plate it came with (Which was illegal) and didn't bother to get a replacement for it. Going to be ordering a proper plate today so that I don't get pulled again
  4. I just don't understand why he made a fuss about the exhaust but didn't give you a "present" for the number plate. That would have been a easy one for him. Oh he did, I received a £100 fine for the plate, but he didn't bother to go any further with the exhaust, not too sure why, but presumably it was too much effort for him to bother. Edit: Sorry, just realised I didn't make that clear in the original post, I should have said they didn't fine me for the exhaust, they definitely did for the plate!
  5. I wonder if I can get away with it, he definitely did an inspection but as far as I'm aware he didn't note anything down, just said that he'd be back to see me in 2-3 weeks to check that I'd changed the exhaust (I suspect that it's a lie to pressure me into changing it, because why would he actually bother) Like stated before really, I got pulled because of the plate, chances are so long as I stay legal in other measures it won't be noticed. That being said, if I got pulled by the same bloke again I'd be screwed in all likelihood lmfao. So long as it passes MOT not sure that it's too
  6. Unfortunately that's not something I have, as I purchased the bike as it was and didn't receive that when I purchased it from the guy. I received the receipt for it from the garage that installed it but not a certificate or anything.
  7. Thanks, guess it is illegal then if it doesn't have that stamp. A damn shame as I love this exhaust lmfao
  8. Yep, passed every MOT it's ever had with flying colours. I asked the police about it at the time and they said that MOTers generally don't bother checking it, but it's still illegal according to them.
  9. Hi all, Got a quick question as I'm not 100% sure, got pulled today for my baby sized numberplate (Should have gotten the bloody replacement after my legal one broke ) - They did an inspection of the bike and told me that because my exhaust wasn't stamped (Or they couldn't find a stamp, not sure which it is as I had no idea that there were even regs regarding that) that it wasn't road legal and that I need to get it replaced. They didn't fine me or even caution me (EDIT: For the exhaust! I did get a fine for the plate!) which technically means that the stop and the fine I received
  10. I have and still do, the only place I have armour is on the knees and they don't get in the way at all. In fact they actually make my job easier as it means I can kneel down without putting pressure on my knees lol (When I need to go under my desk or kneel down next to somebody elses to watch their screen) - They're meant to be comfortable attire that you can wear day to day but also have protection from danger.
  11. What phone have you got? Those photos look very high resolution. They also look edited, I'm assuming you had some sort of filter enabled? Or have you done some editing in photoshop?
  12. If you're not looking for speed but for a workhorse that will last you a long time you do have a few options, the cheapest and easiest would be doing your CBT and then getting a 125cc bike. The more expensive would be CBT -> DAS -> Get a bike. Two very well renowned bikes for being very reliable: https://www.motorcyclenews.com/bike-reviews/suzuki/gs125/1982/ GS125 https://www.motorcyclenews.com/bike-reviews/honda/cg125/1975/ CG125 Both of these are renowned for having bulletproof engines that just go on for years so long as you look after them. https://www.motorcyclenews.com/bik
  13. I'd concur with what Mike is saying, as you already ride bikes you have experience in the basics of riding a bike, doing some training and going straight for your DAS isn't a bad idea. The jump from a small bike to a big bike can seem quite daunting but really it isn't, I've had friends who have gone from a 125 straight to a 1200 and whilst yes there is a massive difference in power, the fundamentals are all still the same, you just have to be less gunny on the throttle because of the added power. Obviously the main thing with doing your DAS is the costs involved, doing your bike test is ex
  14. You should get whatever you feel you would be comfortable riding. Some factors you'll want to think about: What will be your primary usage for it? Commuting? Riding for fun? Where will you be taking it? Long distance? Short distance? How long will you be riding for? Hours on end? Intervals? I've heard fantastic things about the Duke 125 from a friend of mine, says you can really chuck the thing about (for a 125 at least) There are plenty of great 125's out there but to know really what might be best for you it would be better if you answer those three questions above, will help
  15. Real bikers ride purely naked wearing nothing but a top hat to show that you are a true gentleman, then you ride around smashing peoples mirrors off because really you're all about that bikelife, don't forget to beat up a few kids along the way and steal a couple of motorbikes.
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