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  1. One of mine was to get back on a Big Bike
  2. giant sequoias They are on a lot of peoples bucket list
  3. I should also say that I fully intend buying another one when I get my 2nd winter bike It just makes sense
  4. It uses the bike battery but if thats disconnected it switches to its own internal one, theory is on lowest settings the internal one lasts 24 hours....But with the settings I use (more power hungry) it lasts about 4.5 hours on its own battery Also worth mentioning its compatible with both 12 & 24 volts Its never affected my bike battery, even though basic settings its actually a silent alarm system that actually texts you If someone touches your bike Cant help with SIM question as I use a £5 GiffGaff one with 500 txts and 100MB ...you will typically only use about 2-4 Mb a month
  5. Ive had this one 11 months and its excellent, Has loads of features but takes a while till you understand a lot of them Its also Tiny! think an overweight TicTac box, Even has a listening microphone so you can hear what is being said near the bike.
  6. Its always on Sleeps if the bike isnt moving and wakes up when it feels vibration/movement Deep Shock is an option for longer storage. https://www.rewiresecurity.co.uk/gps-303-fleet-car-vehicle-tracking-device-coban
  7. My Gps texted me this morning because the postman brushed past my bike ...he hardly touched it But he did touch it I Confirmed the time with CCTV Mine is only £70
  8. A couple of weeks ago I slipped on the floor and came inches away from hitting the back of my neck/skull on an outstretched draw A friend of my Pillion died the week before by simply falling over and broke his neck when he was drunk, The point is "when your time is up its up" ..It might be walking down the street...on a bike or something else pointless, you could get hit by a drink driver while crossing the road! Just ride better and gain experience, then the close calls are rare, and you develop a sixth sense, or buy a Crosser and have cheaper fun than the track
  9. There you go [mention]Hoggs[/mention] https://shop.auctmarts.com/fairings.html?cat=53
  10. SlowBusa

    Free tip

    I think [mention]Six30[/mention] might need some sort of therapy??
  11. Its just not me, Im the Quiet One ....I believe people that shout and act like that are cowards and dickheads There are 2 riders in my town that think they are in Sons Of Anarchy on their HD's with their WW2 German helmets (true I swear) ...they just look like Bully Idiots as they do it to EveryOne! Not sure but may even be illegal?
  12. Stupid Bitch in her car on the phone taking corners wide and all over the place Im usually a calm biker but I lost it and screamed at her whilst revving my engine and using the horn, even did something I dont agree with and gave her the middle finger
  13. I have the "proper" sockets for my bike like yours and there is No substitution really, They are Impact Quality not like normal sockets (want to grind an impact socket? I dont) Suzuki wanted silly ££££ for them and I found a guy on Ebay that makes them at a fraction of the cost, They have been used a lot without a scratch on them
  14. Thanks [mention]NeilM[/mention]
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