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  1. What? Covid-19 can disperse in aerosol form? And remain infectious for up to three hours in such a state? Can you imagine the seismic shock this new learning is going to send through the scientific community? You want to get that published quick, and then await the certain delivery of your Nobel Prize. I could make some smart-arse comments relating to my earlier points about people with too much confidence in far too little knowledge, but let's stop buggering about and just put our cards on the table. For the last 20 years I have been involved in developing EU and US legislation on human
  2. The revision form 500k deaths to 20k or fewer perhaps? https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/imperial-college-scientist-who-predicted-500k-coronavirus-deaths-in-uk-revises-to-20k-or-less?fbclid=IwAR0GZJ7uG4hQZvEJHnHhokHLl4Rr9tXes8XXOpoz8TrikD73NzyISsmLoz4
  3. We've had lots of contradictory information: Such as Sadiq Kahn on 03/03/20 saying there is no risk of catching the virus on the tube: https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/03/coronavirus-london-tube-sadiq-khan-12339239/ to now: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-52017910 If you did a moments research Mark you will also find evidence that CV19 can very much disperse in an aerosol fashion and be active for anything up to three hours in such a state. Certainly enough time to be blown around in a ventilation system, A bigger problem is there are people out there, probably clappin
  4. The truly last thing we need is a [strikeout]country [/strikeout]planet shut down by a bug that's proving to be nowhere near as deadly as it was first made out. I would suggest the initial theories & projections were more illiterate than a suggestion that perhaps it's not that safe visiting supermarkets and other large, ventilated spaces.
  5. I don't like to don the tinfoil too much. But: Boris was (by his own words) shaking hands with everyone in ICU back when the predicted death toll was 500K from CV19 . This whole thing gets more surreal by the day, the PM of Britain would surely not have been within 2 miles of the place?
  6. Absolutely, if the parts are serviced and the filters etc are changed properly. I do a lot of office and supermarket refurbishments, the HAVAC systems I've seen would give you nightmares, hence my initial comment.
  7. Sorry, two confirmed. I Can't find anything about the other 38? edit Lloyd Russell too and the health minister, so that's actually 4 but most appear to be self isolating rather than ‘i have it’?
  8. So Boris has got the But none of the several hundred MPs he was sharing a confined space with in Parliament, several weeks prior and right up to the day before his declaration, have it too?
  9. The control measures we have in place are extremely lax though if this bug was anything like as virulent as a flu strain. I find it hard to accept that keeping two meters apart is sufficient in a place like a supermarket, where the ventilation system would recycle the entire internal air volume within the place several times during a typical visit. That air would have been through nearly everyone else's lungs at least once, surely it would have spread like absolute wildfire by now? Sorry, not convinced here this has been anything like as serious a threat to the population as it has been mad
  10. This is all a good cover for some banking bailouts, a supposedly leathal virus now substantially downgraded to sub 20K deaths (less than a bad flu outbreak) putting entire countries (with dodgy economies either in or near recession) at a near standstill.
  11. Probably not, as I bet the differences are quite small. I've only ridden an early model ST1050 besides this, around an 07 plate. That model I would trade, as the 2020 is a big improvement, but between this and yours......honestly that'd be worth a test ride (for you).
  12. I've edited the original post, £13,600 OTR but you may get a better deal. Amazing spec for that money.
  13. Took one of these for a spin before the lockdown Price as Spec £13,600 OTR: Speed Triple 1050 RS in Matte Black/Yellow decal scheme. 148BHP 10500RPM 86ft/lb torque 7150RPM Ohlins 43 mm NIX30 Forks with adjustable preload, rebound and compression damping Öhlins TTX36 twin tube monoshock with preload, rebound and compression damping Brembo monoblocs of some description, not sure of spec. Full Stainless Arrow system 5 inch full colour TFT 6 axis electronics with anti wheelie/Abs/traction, crusie control possibly slide and engine brake control exists but didn't get to
  14. There are several dubs on the DVD/Blurays
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