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  1. So, tomorrow morning I'll be picking up my new MT09. I cannot wait. Moving from a 10 year old Hornet 600 so I expect it to be much better in every way. I know some have critised the headlight of the new Mt09 but personally, I really like it. Pics to follow
  2. I'll be honest, I didn't know you could leave a policy running like that after selling the bike.
  3. They said the admin fee was £80 alone plus they hiked up the premium and the excess. It was a foreign call centre and the person on phone struggled with English, particularly when I tried to negotiate. Lesson learned. I'll not be renewing with them again
  4. I've sorted my insurance today with MCE to change my Hornet 600 to a new 2021 MT09 that I'm picking up on Wednesday. There is only 4 months left on my policy. I paid in full last year, not monthly and the fee MCE want to cover my new bike to the end of the policy is nearly as much as I paid for 12 months. Yes, the MT is worth more and has a bigger engine but I've also got a tracker fitted to it. Robbing bast*rds.
  5. They say it's a special one for matte paint
  6. Has anyone had their bikes ceramic coated? My new MT09 is matte black. I've not had a matte bike before and I gather you can't polish or wax it. I figured a full ceramic cost of the bike might be a good idea and help with cleaning. I've had a quote from a detailer of £150 to do the whole bike. They say it'll last 2-3 years. Thanks in advance
  7. I've been offered a free tracker with my new MT09. It's a Datatool Stealth that'll be supplied and fitted free; I'll have to pay the £100 annual fee. Is it worth having? Do you get much of a discount on insurance with them? Thanks in advance.
  8. So, after 3 years of having my 2011 CB600FB Hornet, I placed an order today for a new 2021 model MT09 in Black. Hopefully get on 16 April. I am very very excited.
  9. @alex_from_JandS - One final point, I am told my Facebook account has been blocked by J&S. My mother-in-law tried to tag me into a response to her post about the voucher issue but is unable to as I have been blocked. A little disappointing really that you are unable to respond to constructive criticism online and simply delete a post and block the user.
  10. I have found the support and advice received on this forum to be immensely helpful to me over the years and have only just found out it is possible to subscribe to help the forum operate so I have now just subscribed. It is only £2 a month, less than a cup of coffee. If you can afford to support this forum, I would urge you to do so. Dan
  11. Alex, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am very sympathetic to the difficulties retailers are facing but as a customer who has spent over £1000 over the years in store and online I did not understand why a photo of the voucher was not acceptable when it is simply a piece of paper with a unique code printed on it. However, I accept that you are looking into it but until the issue is resolved there are a lot of people who I think may be dissuaded from gift vouchers until their online use is available; particularly in these current uncertain times. SBS, for instance, have had
  12. tried a post on J&S' facebook page. A couple of people commented then J&S deleted it
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