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  1. Hi everyone, I had to travel back home for some issue in my family So I left my bike at the shop. I thought I would give some news about the labor they did on it. You'll see a screenshot of the invoice they sent me. Total: £176 What do you guys think?
  2. Alright so I decided to bring the bike in because this was getting on my nerves. They changed and clean both spark plugs and the inside. They also change a piece that I genuinely can't remember what it was exactly. Now the bike isn't firing up straight away which i had that kind of issue before. Like it starts for 3 seconds and dies again unless you give it some throttle and keep it high. So they also check both valve clearance (?) on the front and back cynlinders nothing there so they also check that fuel was going into the carburators and that was fine as well. I told them that I used Re
  3. So for the bike at around 3950 miles and now I'm at 4600miles so that 650 miles in 2 months The oily/black spark plug was from the front cylinder And I can't really say much about oil consumption I mean the level through the glass is fine, the oil is still clear and i didn't have to top it up if that make sense? To be honest that's why I wanted to try everything that I can by myself I mean everything that I feel comfortable to do myself before going to a shop. I don't really want to end up with a bill of £1000 to pay tomorrow or then taking advantage because I'm a girl. But since I do
  4. It's the camera angle since it's still on it. Sorry I didn't realise it was t a great shot. I've check my air filter but its clean so I decided to go to the shop tomorrow morning and see from there. I'm just not sure what kind of price to expect for that kind of repair...
  5. So I haven't had time to get into it since we are closing my bar for refurb I spend the last couple of weeks organise that sh*t hole and making sure everything was ready. Yesterday on my way back from work I do the usual start the bike with no choke but for some reasons it started to sputter and I had to keep the rev high so it wouldnt die. Today just out of curiosity i checked my spark plugs and the one that I got out from the front left cylinder is completely black and oily while the other one isn't that bad. I've attached a picture to show you guys I also wanted to check my air filter t
  6. I've been practising the past few days to circle myself and the bike with salt in case some demons would be around Elephant Castle So I've been sick due to some heavy rain here in London and I couldn't ride much. I haven't had that problem since I put some Redex in the tank and I also done about 80miles before I refilled the tank again but this time without the product. I notice that now the bike starts much faster than before but When the bike is cold it sputters a little for like 5 minutes and stops when it's warm. I do have more acceleration as well. These are the only changes that I'
  7. Hahahahhahahahhahaha my life sucks. Well it said at the back "Use every tank: remove cap and foil seal. Pour half a bottle into fuel tank before or after adding fuel." Also, it's a 250ml bottle Today it's my Murphy's law day.
  8. I went to buy some Redex this morning pour half of the bottle after a filled up the thank with some fresh petrol. The bike runs fine to me except that I think I need to grease the throttle since sometimes it feels like it's stuck and sounds like I'm reving when I'm not I was thinking to do a service on it since I got the bike in November and I couldn't drive since I was doing my lisence back in the time and then I left to go back home for Christmas. Would that be worth doing?
  9. Hey everyone Its me again! Since I'm still learning about the 2 wheels World I'm not quite sure where to start so I'm just going to tell you what happened. This morning I was on my way to work, I was approaching Elephant Castle (about 4 miles away from my house) when suddenly I feel the bike loosing power, I gave it some gas and it did not respond, I downshifted, hoping that it would start back up as I was rolling, but it was useless. I managed to stopped in a small side street (thank God for that) and after a few minutes of trying with the choke on and off, while pumping the throttle no
  10. Hey guys! Thank you for your help! I'm very new to this world and I'm trying to learn as much as I can on this forum ! I'm due to pass my MOT next week so I'm going around all the check list that I could find on internet so hopefully it should pass but we never know! Cheers and drive safely!
  11. Hey guys, So I was about to change my handlebars on my Virago 535 but after putting the new one I realised that the tank for the brake fluid is at an angle. So I decided just to be sure to put back the original one. I took a picture of the original and the new one so you can see the angle I'm talking about. Question is, is it alright or should the brake fluid be levelled on the handlebar? Thank you for your help! Norah Original handlebar New handlebar New handlebar2
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