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  1. Give this guy a PM on facebook https://www.facebook.com/keith.edleston/ he made a very good copy of my original 1980 Z500 one with the original dealer name etc, but may do one with no logos etc. Rob
  2. Bob may remember these. Didn't some MZ's or CZ's have an fibre optic from the indicator? Maybe just the eastern European cars? I miss the self cancelling winkie's on my XJ's. A good habit is to double check like the over the shoulder life savers we oldies still do. Old BM's (R80 etc) used to make that swark with the indicators on. May be it will be maditory to have an indicator bleeper for these new silent electric bikes? Car drivers need an audible warning too, maybe played over there radio's? Oh and a "get off your B*******y phone message too.
  3. Two good days in a row!!!. Shame cannot go anywhere, have enough shopping in. Will get cold again tonight for my trip to work on the GS125, bugger!!!. Got the headlamp unit back in the Bandit today and my Aux switches fitted for the DRL and low beam cut off, must update the thread. Also any one seen this about the new MOT re LED and HID headlamps, glad i have repaired mine https://www.gov.uk/guidance/mot-inspection-manual-for-motorcycles/4-lamps-reflectors-and-electrical-equipment
  4. Interesting discussion. I have seen an increase in bike commuting over the last 20 years so and would hope that more people want to use use a bike for this and more. More bikes not just 125's would solve a lot of places traffic problems and help the environment. Used to use a CD175 for winter and later a 400/4 then XJ550 till around 10 years ago to keep the worst off the bike bikes. I acquired the GS125 in boxes and decided to use that for the winter duties, now use it all year round for commute and short trips. Not as good as my CD175 was on A roads but at 120+MPG, £10 additional
  5. Well that time of the month again. GS125 Oil change plus chain clean and lub. We have had some really wet and gritty roads over this month and looks a good 10 days of frost and well salted roads ahead. Gave the bike a good wash and re gt-85 Took the chain off and dunked it into the old engine oil reheated in my charity shop deep fat fryer. Kept the temp to under 100C and gave it a good scrub with an old toothbrush. After a few mins took it out and wiped the chain down while hot. Warmed up some ep-90 gear oil in my little dropper wit
  6. Presume the valve seats will need recutting too if the guides are that sloppy. Cannot believe he will let those go to leave the next owner to do it. Would make me loos interest too Bob. Sometimes actions like that can make you give up doing jobs altogether. Glad you can rise above it Bob. Keep well Bob.
  7. Never understood that simile face thing only goes to good at around 33%, OK for Taxas perhaps??
  8. Fastbob's method of using the old gasket is the one i use. Use blue low tack tape with acetone cleaned surface on other bits, bit of heat is a must in the winter and make sure the humidity id below 60% ish
  9. Best man won, good work fastbob All the best to you all Rob B
  10. Thanks. I have made a full document of this rebuild, 114 pages and loads of pics. Also sent a potted history to the VJMC for hopeful publication in their mag. mostly what is here in the forum. This bit is not though so will post it here for you to know the full story. Summer 1980, some time in early July actually. A brand new unregistered motorcycle stands on the footpath at the side of my house. It is a Kawasaki Z500 B2 in Firecracker Red, built up from the crate that very afternoon at Bob Fortune’s motorcycle shop. I helped put the thing together, test it and rode it home on trade
  11. This guy i follow on YouTube has done a few vids on this topic. think this is his latest I would like some heated gloves just so i can stay warm from the house to bike etc. Use handlebar muffs and cheap Chinese heated grips on the GS125 in winter. palms are toasty and the muffs help keep the breeze off. On a faster bike this would not be as effective. The grips i got a few years ago still work but now the price is about 3 times the £2.99 i paid then.
  12. LED lights by there very nature will give more bang for you buck so to speak and yes a lot less load. Already have LED indicators (with an led compatible flasher), tail, stop and pilot light. The clock lamps are all LED as std on the K4 Bandit.. LED headlamps are OK with a matching reflector and lens arrangement. There are so, so many LED headlight "bulb" shapes, to get a bulb to work with a good and legal (safe) beam pattern will be the challenge Most of teh time you will get a glarey blob of light without the cut off on a dip.. Also the colour temperature of the light. 4500K is about right a
  13. @Mr Fro. Thanks. The new Negative wires are indeed ran back to the main spine of the frame, the old PAIRS valve mount post actually. With all my bikes i link a few frame earth point together for a good solid return (share the load so to speak). I would love bike builders to run dedicated earths in the loom fro all circuits other than starter stuff. Never liked the thought of a steel frame carrying current, the way i was taught it would promote corrosion. You know that's a great idea. if i got a 5 pin relay i could, or just add another normally closed relay to the circuit. Wire it so when
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