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  1. Would like to mention The Strawberryfields Cafe, Crockey Hill just south of York. Good stop off and meeting place, good grub and friendly staff, been open when able and gone out of there way to keep people happy. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g186346-d5272043-Reviews-Strawberry_Fields_Cafe-York_North_Yorkshire_England.html#MAPVIEW https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g186346-d5272043-Reviews-Strawberry_Fields_Cafe-York_North_Yorkshire_England.html#photos;aggregationId=101&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=198519285
  2. +1 for fix my street. https://www.fixmystreet.com/
  3. With the weather getting better I got on with the Bandit headlamp and fairing stuff. link here
  4. Headlamp Aiming for MOT The last job before the fairing panels are refitted is the low beam pattern and height check. Different tolerances apply depending on the bulb height. Up to 850mm and ones that are over 850mm from the ground. The MK2 1200 Bandit low beam bulb is 830mm and therefore in the RED tolerance band. The beam height must be between 0.5 and 1.25% below the headlight height and the “Kick Up” should be no closer that 2% of the headlight height to the left of the centre of the low beam bulb The bit of ground where the shed is slopes slightly downhill so the best place to set
  5. linuxrob

    Degreasing chain

    +1 for diesel and paraffin. Heat the bike cleaner up it will de-grease better 50C . Use an air line to dry it thoroughly - do not use WD-40 to get the water out.
  6. I decided to run the low beam relay from a switch to give me the option to start the bike without the additional load of the headlight when the starter motor spins. I also wanted to run my Day Running Light on the oil cooler via a switch. The ideal place to mount 2 switches is the gap just below the clocks. I started with an old plastic bolt draw and made cut outs for the small switches to fit into. The housing was then painted and switched sealed underneath with silicon sealant. The switch waterproof caps were then fitted. Housing test fitt
  7. take it that each plug has it's own coil pack?
  8. Thanks guys, like the clock idea, simple and useful, could do with a clock in the shed.
  9. All the best. Have you got the manual yet?
  10. While sorting the over the stairs cupboard last weekend I was "asked" to something with the fuel tank from my RD400. This is now the only part i have left from this bike. I used this tank to keep the standard 400C one in good order (it worked a treat). I would like to display this tank in my shed as a constant reminder of my misspend youth. Anyone got any novel ideas???
  11. Makes you wonder, if they cannot get the spelling right, what must there quality control be? Nice "period" tyre there.
  12. Always have some diesel around for that sort of cleaning, used to be parafin but diesel a lot easier to get these days. stay away from petrol for obvious reasons. Leave the clutch pushrod IN when cleaning that lot. Thought you were only taking the head off???
  13. Careful with that setup. the warm air could possibly move dust etc from the floor through that grill and stick to the still wet paint. when i did the Z barrel i heated it up on the rad tehn painted over my workmate then after about 20 mins put it back on the rad to finish curing. here it is with the first guide coat after primer in the rad
  14. linuxrob

    Clutch wear

    A lot of slipping clutches are badly adjusted, especially Kawasaki worm gear type actuators. If friction plates AND springs are in spec then problem may have been adjustment. Careful when holding clutch basket to get nut off and take note of where all the engagement part are to aid reassembly. On the Bandit you can bugger things up if they are not aligned correctly before tightening the nut. That inner does look horrendous. and abused. love the train reference, i used to work at Thornaby TMD 80's - 90's
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