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  1. I can relate to that. Working from home for a few months and reliant on tech and online training for new systems is just nuts and doesn't make us any more efficient. I've missed taking my caravan away for the last year off grid no WiFi or TV !
  2. I'm begrudgingly beginning to accept some stuff but I do ask myself do I need it. I have found the app and thermostat in my new intergas boiler v useful, this saves money as if you use it properly you use less heat. I have a ring camera front and rear we live in a cul Dr sac with a little rat run alley at the end. After 1 week it helped spook a prowler at 2.30 am on my driveway, the alarm and audio did the trick no issue since. I have a Google best mini speaker it was a freebie and i see no use in that I'd rather just use it as a smartspeaker with Spotify. Never say never some has uses just de
  3. Great article! Looks like a lot of bikes will be moving from v engines and making way for parallel twins I understand the v Strom may be on its last reincarnation of the current engine setup. I've heard the cp2 is being tested in some form or turbo format looks like a lot of changes ahead. Cheaper generic 125cc bikes changing from air to water cooled, I know zontes has a new offering which looks pretty good albeit prices are now higher.
  4. January always seems to have a way of just booting you in the nuts! We thought 2021 may have showed some promise but have began with a rollercoaster if events too. Fingers crossed it will get better
  5. I like an egg in pretty much every format but pickled, they are the devil's work. I live in the west midlands the comment about scraps is so right we always used to be able to get them but not anymore. Our local chippy has pies from the local butcher which are amazing. Cod or haddock I love both but haddock probably edges it for me.
  6. Its like the hall of mirrors I like it. Why the long face
  7. Lots of very valid comments. People are living longer, retiring earlier (well were) and the more conditions we find cures and treatments for more money is needed to go into said treatments. Its all struggling, I agree that some is not fit for purpose i.e. GPs did a good job of hiding and refusing to see patients round here when covid hit passing them off to urgent care centres which is wrong then at the end of lockdown one taking the praise, hmmmmm. Wife is still in hospital a week in after her thyroid cancer op. It was a bigger job as due to covid there was a longer wait time so looks l
  8. Every police force and every officer will have their own views on this. When I did do prolaser speed enforcement years ago i was next to a liveried car in high Viz on an open stretch I had no issue with headlight flashing. After all I'm sure the motorist was merely informing other of his presence on the road. As long as the speeds dropped I had happy locals, In most cases it was l the local community complaining about speed and they were usually the ones getting the tickets and responded with 'but officer we only meant the issues was with those travelling through'. They wouldn't complain for
  9. With all the new bus lanes coming in on the a38 I don't think 40 will be possible now. I work in bournville and the 40 bit there is now a 30.
  10. Not patting anyone on the back. Its just important to have a right to a fair trial, fundentals of British law. I'm sure James has punished himself and he's not been doing this for years sounds like a bad week. And from one who has a mental health complaint which rears its head every now and again we all have the odd wobble. I have a speed awareness course about 5 years ago and it sunk in for me and I think made me aore thoughtful driver. Doesn't work for everyone not everyone is wired up the same and some have no morals others do learn and don't make the same mistakes again
  11. Sorry to hear that James, looks like you have it all in hand though. I'm sure your solicitor will advise you well. Guilty plea and loads of mitigation should help you avoid a ban. Its not as though you have been speeding over a period of months or years. As you say one stressful week and the courts do listen to that side of things, doing the speed awareness shows responsibility too. Good luck with it all, not much to smile about in 2020
  12. I'll have to take a look but it's certainly powerful enough and not too much so that it's likely to cause any damage bargain for £45 with 3 different nozzles
  13. I've only ever had 1parcel go missing with RM. Yodel, Hermes and collect plus on the other hand shocking, lost or damaged parcels.big fan of dpd but they are not cheap v dependable
  14. Did they just dig the wheels out of a parts bin? Change the colour of the wheels and may work then
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