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  1. I smoke these. Rollies too but really trying to cut down on those.
  2. You see turbod Lambos and crazily tuned GTRs etc all over YouTube and they'll all leave even litre sports bikes like they're standing still. However I can't imagine them being reliable nor can I imagine they'd be at all easy to drive day to day. That's the great thing about bikes though, an R1or similar you could drive everyday to work, getting 50mpg and be reliable as clockwork whilst still giving you enough performance to see off anything bar a top end supercar or one of those crazily tuned monstrosities. All for a fraction of the cost.
  3. I downloaded Red Alert a few months ago from here... http://cncnet.org/red-alert Forgot how good the game is, but also how small the maps are! TA is a much better game than C&C. My first RTS I played was Dune 2 on my amiga home computer I enjoyed TA, though I found it did get a bit stalematey at times. You could build nukes, the other guy could build anti nuke missiles haha.
  4. And as for C&C - I've got the First Decade collection, so C&C, RA 1 & 2, Tib Sun and Generals. Epic.
  5. Emerald Weapon was beatable with enough Bahamut Zero x4. The main thing with Emerald, as I recall, was phoenix cos he did that Aire Tam Storm attack. KOTR was just so sickeningly long to have to sit through for so many times haha.
  6. I, for one, can't wait. I remember playing the entire game through several times. First time I took 100hrs. Second time I took less than sixty and got to Sephiroth so quick I was under levelled and had to grind till I could beat him haha
  7. GazzyG

    engine swap

    You can put any engine in anything if you really want to. Depends how much time and money you want to invest. If you're asking whether it'll be a straight swap, I very much doubt it.
  8. O2 sensor usually sticks out of the downpipes about halfway down.
  9. You'll get back into the swing if it quick enough bud. Muscle memory is a great thing.
  10. Already done mine - 1500 miles through France and a bit of Germany. All on a 35 year old bike to boot, haha! Have fun on your trip, you'll have a great time!
  11. I'm thirty and wear a wedding ring. All my married mates who are the same age wear them too. I can't say I've heard of anyone not wearing them, short of people in movies and TV shows who are going out to pull...
  12. I'm on my second marriage now. Got married the first time round way too young. This time round itsw going swimmingly and couldn't ask for a better relationship.
  13. Can you not wire it into a switched live, like the headlight wire?
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