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  1. You are allowed to filter and it is referenced in the Highway Code
  2. Honda cbf1000 all day comfort with an upright seating position and no long stretch to the bars, I found. Get a MK2, Honda improved the stator on the mk2 and this was the Achilles heel of the Mk1 https://www.motorcyclenews.com/bike-reviews/honda/cbf1000/2010/
  3. Is it significant that @raesewell says pair the phone as mobile phone 2? And don't forget @Stu I am now talking about when I only have the mobile phone connected and the TomTom is left at home. I can't use the phone now but as it's the only device connected to the headset, there's no problem with priority is there?
  4. Don't know if OP had any success. Pairing my phone to my Sena as second mobile phone has not helped me. Now when I am not using the TomTom, but just want to be able to use my phone from the headset, it doesn't work. It's definitely paired as mobile phone 2. When it connects, Sena says "device connected" (not "phone connected" as I would expect). I can't hear anything, no ringing for calls, can't play music to my headset. Man, it's difficult.
  5. Used graphite powder as we had just the thing at work. Seems to have done the trick.
  6. It's getting more difficult to get the key in the lock of my Givi top box. The top box is pretty new, couple of months old. The key now only goes in bit by bit and it feels stuck. All I can think of is that the lock barrel needs oiling. Any advice? 3in one? Wd40? Graphite powder?
  7. It's a pain isn't it? Tech, when it's against you is a freaking nuisance Try what @raesewell suggests, my calls were showing up on the GPS but I couldn't hear them last time I went out. I've deleted all pairings and connected them up like Rae says, will hopefully try this tomorrow, see if it fixes my woes.
  8. [mention]Gerontious[/mention] is right, apart from the gear oil part
  9. Not sure I agree entirely but I would say that, I started this thread. I justsigned up for IAM next year and to pass the test, I need to think about these things. For example Counter steering may be the way we all go around, and always have done but if it's not something that you have thought about, you may not choose to press harder on the inside grip when the corner is tighter than it appeared. Rev matching is a nice to have, to smooth out a downshift. I don't see any problems with striving to improve all the time and be someone who wants to be a thoughtful, reflective rider. If others a
  10. Don't think it is play in the cable but I will take a look. For me, I want a really smooth down change to match my well practiced upshift. Upshift is easy. Down shift from 6-5-4 is easy, probably due to the tolerance between the gears, for want of a better description. So the problem is downshift smartly from 4-3-2-1. I'm confused about the timing and overlap of the various elements, and how much blip to give. I guess it's practice practice practice.
  11. I can't seem to master the throttle blip, down shift business and wondering if anyone has any advice. I think my problems are with the timing, and with how quickly to let out the clutch.
  12. You need a sat nav! I have one for sale Very kind offer but I don't Stu. I need an intercom system that I can use with a car driver, without them having to wear a headset
  13. Great topic. I was wondering how to keep in touch with my partner when we are travelling, me on the bike and her in the car. Obviously I want some kind of always on intercom, can't ring her up when I'm at a roundabout and can't see which way she went...I am going to try out helmchat, that may be the solution
  14. Sorry to dredge up an old thread but this appears to be fairly authoritative. [mention]Slowlycatchymonkey[/mention] did you get to go camping, do you have any further feedback?
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