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  1. Haha, I meant the piece of meat was next doors dog
  2. I thought it was next doors dog
  3. I will be making a detailed description of exactly what I do along with the relevant receipts for any future owner. I’m not sure that you can take the bulbs out of an LCD display but I like your thinking, equally sticking tape over them isn’t really an option.
  4. So thanks for all the advice, but it all seems a bit too much hassle. So I’ve taken advantage of the rise in temperature to give the Trophy’s head many coats of paint & because it’s just too big to fit in our oven it’s now baking in the garden.
  5. E’rrm, so when I get a moment I’ll do it myself- if I do, how do I get the service due spanner & overdue timer on the display reset?
  6. H’mm, sometimes I think putting this stuff on the internet feels like doing bike maintenance in the coliseum ... the whole crowd gasping as you make an elementary mistake & the thumbs down from those that know as you hamfistedly cock up yet again!!! This place seems pleasantly different, always helpful & although commonly piss taking, never malicious.
  7. Was the cheese in the batter mix or sprinkled on top? I reckon The mushrooms & Garlic spinach would be a cracking addition.
  8. Took it out of its cave & checked it over prior to MoT on Monday. Went to take it for a spin round the block just to make sure all was ok ( an essential journey ) and the engine died as I backed off the drive, it appears as if the little fuel it had in it has made a bid for freedom in the last 3 months, got a gallon from the garage & topped it up & all was good. Good job I didn’t wait until Monday.
  9. Look, you can’t sue the whole Chinese population just coz their bikes are sh*te..... there you go, I’ve saved you a load of hassle, the bills in the post In all seriousness, I hope it goes well, you get a successful outcome & you don’t have to disappear from here for too long
  10. Yep, I’ll do all that I can myself, the let a pro do the rest.
  11. Ah, yes, see what you mean, l can put up with it for 20mins but can see how it grates.
  12. Morning all Missus Mickly just back from having her DNA altered & Microchip injected
  13. I had to change some shims on the Trophy - the bike has allegedly only done @30k No idea what Ken was on about, maybe he just didn’t want the work, he seems to have been winding down for the last 10 years
  14. Haha, they were the ones who I took the Trophy to for jetting and hence being in the middle of the engine rebuild - not that they did anything wrong, just the purveyors of bad news.
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