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  1. Yep, used to climb there in the late 70’s Many a happy weekend spent climbing, camping & drinking. Managed the ‘Sloth’ but only top roped
  2. Used to go rock hugging at the Roaches as a kid, the roads seemed good but full of traffic, spent many night at the Rock Inn.
  3. Have a good one & try not to be grumpy for the day .... unless that’s what you really like
  4. Mickly


    You tried working harder on those leg muscles? Gripping hard with the knees can reduce the need to hold on so hard for so long, then I found that holding on to the Speedtriple at over *** MPH for any length of time was a pain in the neck & shoulders, extra upper body & neck work seemed to alleviate it ( plus 6 points on my license )
  5. Yep, I was in the conservatory having an online meeting - it made me jump & I had to mute coz of the noise of the rain drumming down.
  6. When I got caught out in a light hailstorm last week, I ended up with water in my visor pin lock, at least the kit dries out well in the conservatory.
  7. Not a wet clutch !! Made the mistake of using standard car 10/40 Castrol in the Trophy, leading to mucho clutch slip ... at least that’s what I’m hoping once I can afford to get it all together.
  8. I had a pair of these & was definitely not trustworthy I ‘ve got no evidence & this pic was off a Joe Jackson album cover.
  9. Went out on the Speedtriple to meet up with a mate on his Daytona- stopped & had a coffee & a chin wag - got bloody soaked coming home & nearly sh*t myself when it thundered, got home & put the bike away just 2 minutes before we had an epic hailstorm, lucky to dodge that one!!
  10. Happy Burpday Av a good ‘un.
  11. “Vibrant & challenging” an excellent description and absolutely spot on
  12. Decided to hone my urban riding skills by inadvertently riding through the Sparkbrook area of Birmingham this afternoon - lightening reactions, psychic levels of anticipation & the patience of a saint where required, but I survived .... Just !! @James in Brum you done this?
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