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  1. Honda CLR 125 2001 Bought it in May 2018 with 27,000 miles on the clock costing me £500 i did some basic maintenance oil change, chain and sprocket, spark plugs, new brake lever, filled some dents and holes in the bodywork and exhaust and a re spray plus decals so put another £200 in it too. Its a big bike for a 125 and is quite tall making it good for someone of a big build. despite only being 125cc its got a nice noise to it. Its quite a interesting bike being a dual sport it has quite a tall look and the exhaust is quite high up on the bike and is covered by a big chrome heat shield
  2. I take an oxford magnum chain, a disk lock and use the built in steering lock. Might start taking a cover with me.
  3. What model was it Piaggio Liberty 50cc 2T When did I buy it and for how much Bought it in April 2017 and is the first bike i owned. i paid just under £800 Good Points Quick off the mark and is reliable, Top Speed 30mph if restricted, 50mph if not. large wheels give you better traction on the road and helps you lean, quite a big bike for a 50cc, Tax is £17, Full tank of fuel costs about £5.50, Kick start and electric start, don't have to worry about changing oil thanks to being a two stroke, air cooled, Glove box and under seat storage both of which is lockable. steering lock. fuel gu
  4. Spoke to them found out they dont like back patches being worn so yep just lost £15
  5. Not going to say actual location but my local mc happens to be the hells angels. You will be surprised at how decent the angels can be The london lot used to be easy to get on with anyway Yeh I mean I'm not near man enough to knock the clubhouse door but I've dropped them a message on there website and on Facebook so hopefully they'll be ok with it. I know a lot of people dont like lone wolf patches but each to their own
  6. Where do you live? Not going to say actual location but my local mc happens to be the hells angels.
  7. Thanks for the reply's I've dropped my local MC a message asking and see what they say about it.
  8. So i recently bought a one piece large lone wolf back patch for my cut that im working on i wont ride with it on but it will be worn around town to show my culture and be recognised something unique. My only concern is is that my town has a MC chapter quite a well known one and I dont want to offend them and be in any trouble with them. Do you think they will mind? Please be nice
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