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  1. it looks like it was made by fisher price
  2. good points everyone mistakes it for a bigger bike. huge plus when you dont ride with L plates fairly reliable although i bought a shitter and had to do some repairs after a while sounds decent when you swap out the stock pipe easy to modify bad points slow obviously because it's a 125 parts are expensive for something so cheap being 17 i bought the bike because, lets be honest i wanted a harley but couldnt have one due to regulations. as such i modified it slightly, none of the 'bobber' crap you see on ebay, just swapping out a few quality parts to suit me better. once th
  3. yeh never buy an 883. especially when its not your first 'big bike', they're sluggish as a ****. you can get used dynas and 1200 sporties for 5-9k used on ebay.
  4. 10 degrees? wimp. put some joggers under your jeans and layer up
  5. has the same motor as the virago, my guess is in terms of acceleration and top speed they are similar, maybe have a look for reviews on that
  6. is anyone else planning to go. I'm from high Wycombe south bucks if anyone close would be fine car sharing. I'm 17 and have a bike not a car so cant pick up stuff while I'm there. message me if you do. thanks
  7. you still need to provide more info. really. test the spark plug, doubt its a compression thing if it ran a week ago and left untouched, if you don't know how long it was left for previously do an oil change. if spark is good & so is compression it's a fuel/air thing. again if left for a while might just need the jets cleared out.
  8. the cable on the vt is a push pull mechanism, I didn't realise that the return cable 'push' side was rusted until I changed the bars because it seemed to be working fine. the regular pull cable that you find on single cable throttles in In tact and I assume the spring in the carb is good because it snaps back shut afterwards. my question is would it be ok to solder the pull cable back together as it split pretty clean because the part right now is out of stock so I don't know how long that might take for it to be available. thoughts? is it necessary as the throttle is workin fine it seems but
  9. 50CC 2 stroke Yamaha. cost an arm and a leg for a 50 (somewhere around the 1800 mark) good points quick I guess for a 50 fun through the gears very light classic styling really is fun bad points unreliable as f! literally the worst bike for reliability it never works as it should gears are super super short so its f**kin annoying if there are cars on the road and a task getting it through town real jumpy shoddy suspension weird riding position not very confidence inspiring yeh if I could go back I wouldn't have let my dad buy it, its been off the road for so
  10. 2000 Gilera DNA 50 bought it last autumn for £850 off ebay derestricted Good points very very tough bike, dropped it 3 times only plastic scuffs, when I dropped the scoot all the plastics broke pretty quick for a 50 lots of storage under the fake tank water cooled cool looking 50 sounds good with the viper exhaust strong brakes Bad points very heavy for a 50 had starter issues, tuning issues with the carb fouls spark plugs often either all the power or none at all has a hard time getting up hills mainly due to its weight seems to hang in a high gear often and
  11. I'm 16 as well and PLEASE listen to this advice I bought a Yamaha rz50 didn't start with problems but had one and its taken months to fix then I bought a Chinese 50cc (2015 wk wasp 50cc 2 stroke) for £650 in the meanwhile and out of the 3 50ccs it was the best, smooth and topped out at 45mph, very good for a 50cc bike. it always started and acceleration was good. I crashed it in the wet.... plastics were hard to find so I bought an Italian 'sport' 50cc, a gilera dna 50. and even though it works, is rideable and has a higher top speed, it is much harder to use and frequent issues as w
  12. um I wouldn't invest any time in a 50 tbh, personally I don't understand the appeal of mopeds as a project but eh whatever. id buy him a cheapish jap 50cc as a run about and let him mod it himself as a light project to get him used to working on bikes, then either build a 125 or one with 47bhp depending on the timeframe. having made the mistake of buyin a 50cc that needed work myself , I wouldn't recommend it
  13. having issues with my gilera dna 50 2 stroke, it revs up fine on the stand but when I'm riding it to get it into the powerband (7.000 rpm+) I need to almost pump the fuel in my blipping the throttle back and forth pretty quick, sometimes raggin the thing but when it hits the 7,000 its fine and pulls as it should. the little 50 hits a genuine 50mph on the flat so It really needs to be tuned well to get that sort of speed out of the wee motor, which is why I suspect there are a couple issues, but also I don't recall it used to be like that so I don't know proper stuck I pulled the carb off a
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