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  1. Shoei helmet & alpine allstar gloves are only things remaining. Oh and the actual bike - 2012 er6n with 11k miles. 2 keys 2 new tyres, 7 months MOT, FSH looking for 2600 Ono
  2. Combination needing to upsize the house and paying for a wedding! Hopefully it’s only a few years before I’m back and can get myself a street triple...
  3. Sadly need to sell the bike and all gear - all worn less than 5 times - grab a bargain! Open to sensible offers, collection preferred 2012 ER6F with 11k mikes £2600 Shoei GT air helmet £350 Dainese textile jacket £150 UK48 RST blade leather jacket £100 UK48 RST blade leather trousers £100 34L RST boots £80 size 10 Alphine allstar gloves £45 XL Dainese summer gloves £30 XL Dainese Kevlar Jeans £60 34w 34L
  4. Good luck with sale, although I’ve got my 2012 er6f with 11k miles up for less money and cannot for the life of me get rid of it - think it’s just not a good time of the year to sell
  5. Bump, price dropped to 2950 to hopefully find a new owner! Weddings are expensive
  6. I’m selling a 2012 ninja 650 sports tourer, 11k miles, 2 keys and 2 new tyres! 3200.00 asking price as it’s sat in the garage for 18 months and only moved 300 miles so think it’s time to sell.
  7. I’ve got a er6f I’d be interested in swapping - sports tourer so best of both worlds. 2012 model with 11k mikes FSH and 2 keys What’s your years and spec?
  8. So rather than selling my er6f and get something sportier I’ve decided to modify it instead. As it will be a lot cheaper, less insurance and the reality is I don’t need a faster bike - atleast not for a few years. So I’m looking to do some basic modifications and ideally would like to buy them all from one place if anyone can suggest somewhere that will be that comprehensive? I might be asking too much. So, I’ve got a 2012 er6f 650 ninja, non abs Mindel, and looking for; 1. Sport bars 2. Shorty levers 3. Frame sliders 4. After market exhaust - can only, not got the budget for full
  9. Cam93


    Real estate would be ideal, however Im not talking enough to lay down another deposit, hence smaller sums into other avenues. Saying that even real estate to let isn’t all that anymore, you need 40% deposit if it’s going to be a buy to let and even then You’ve got to pay tax on any profits
  10. Cam93


    No - not a get rich quick gimmick. I’m referring to buying shares, bonds, stocks etc and sitting in them for 5+ as a better return on interest as banks interest is laughable
  11. Cam93


    Anyone on here into investing? If so what in? What platform do you use etc? I’m looking to get started and I’ve found an App called nutmeg which basically is managed for you in exchange for a % of earnings but I would also like to pick and choose my own stocks in invest in but it’s all abit much trying to digest everything on your own! So can anyone share some advice/experiences ?
  12. I’m selling my 2012 er6f - not a cruiser but a sports tourer, got more than enough poke without the super sport uncomfort Asking 3k so well with your budget - 2 keys, FSH, 11 months MOT, 2 tyres with about 400 miles on them
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