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  1. For me it’s motorcycling and snorkelling with my wife around the Greek islands. She didn’t wear much protective gear snorkelling!
  2. In the 60s I would travel from Lincolnshire to Bournemouth that’s 184 miles, at night, on my Honda CB165. In those days garages were attended (no self service) till 8pm so I strapped a one gallon oil can full of 99 octain fuel to top me up around Newbury way. The can was attached with two bunge cords to the carrier. Driving at night it was a fast empty roads and took me 6 hours.
  3. Hey, even after fifty years riding I still stall it sometimes.
  4. I had an RST jacket was good quality and kept me dry. Removable liner for summer riding was very pleased with it.
  5. Fastbob, sorry I know of only one and its a dealership where my old workmate's son is the service manager. Its at Uppingham in Rutland and will be a gteat rideout from Coventry for you (under 50 miles). You get free tea and coffee too just take some sandwiches and enjoy. Theres a great crowd of friendly riders congregate there. I used to turn up for free tea on my Bonnie and make fun of them! Heres a link http://www.sycamorehd.co.uk
  6. Diko

    Diabetic Rider

    Yes, strange about the eyes but every three years ( when my licence comes up for renewall) I have to present myself to Specsavers (arranged by DVLC) to have my periffial vision checked. Annoyingly Specsavers tech wont tell me if I have passed, but he did give me a smile and nodded his head. Next test is August this year so fingers crossed. Glad I didnt get anything worse than diabeties.
  7. Diko

    Dikos bikes

    Thats me on my Triumph Bonniville T100 2007.
  8. I became a Type 1 insulin dependant diabetic in May 1987. I was put onto injections of insulin to control my glucose levels and I had to surrender my twenty year old driving licence (no driving anything whatsoever) untill I was medically reviewed and issued with a three year licence. I had to inform my insurance provider, who promptle raised my premiums, and had to agree to test my blood glucose levels before riding/driving and every two hours there after whilst driving. Fortunately I only had to wait a couple of weeks for my licence to be approved during this time my vision blurred as the glu
  9. Hy Honda 50s would cruise all day flat out at 46mph. Thats twistgrip fully turned to the stops marvelous little motor.
  10. Over sixty million of them Cubs sold over the years thats some going! I have owned four C50s and one C90. The C50 motor is a little gem to work on no special tools required you will need a small three jaw puller to remove the magneto but its not a difficult job.
  11. WD-40 it was used to spray the ignition system of every car and m/c in the winters to prevent damp stopping you getting to work. I have never been without it it can be sprayed on anything that involves metal and movement, but not clutches of course and keep well away from disc brakes! WD-40 one of the best inventions ever.
  12. I have always replaced mine around the five to six year old mark. I spend as much as I can on my helmets. I always read the safety reviews before purchasing. When I first started biking I wore a fibreglass 'Stadium' helmet which cost me £5 in 1966. Recently I have been wearing Schuberth helmets because whilst watching 'How Its Made' they were featured showing the manufacturing and testing process. I always go for a plain white helmet.
  13. Sorry to hear about the shunt but he may have knocked your rear wheel out of alignment may be a good idea to check your wheel alignment and chain adjustment.
  14. The Bikesafe course I did with Cambridgshire police was three two hours each week classroom instruction then a one hour ride out, in the pouring rain for me, with your very own motorcycle copper. You will learn loads of usefull information like what position you should take up on the road, how to corner safely at speed and filtering thro traffick, at lights, to get you to the front of the que. Well worth the £50 but priceless keep you safe information. Do it!
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