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  1. Having taken it all apart I'm now trying to put it back together.y patience is being tested
  2. I've had a look. The lock itself is working fine. I think it's the plastic inside that's been busy open
  3. Thanks will do over the weekend
  4. Thanks for that. The box itself is fine. Just the thing won't lock now.
  5. It's a 39L shad box. Something like this. https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/392924?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6-SDBhCMARIsAGbI7UiroBHPfDlq1f8tK0T3UwAYitzcmi9y1r7pWb2LqGAiOJX7-ZTOuT0aAkidEALw_wcB
  6. Well I got the bike back a few days ago. Lucky enough things weren't as bad as the seem. After an inspection and some minor cosmetic parts everything is fixed. Well with the exception of my top box, the lock is f**ked. So I'll need to replace that. Big thank you to the motorcycle surgery for not taking advantage when they easily could have. https://www.motorcycle-surgery.co.uk/
  7. I always have my bike chained up properly at home and out. When I tried insurance quotes with and without locks and chains there wasn't a penny in the difference so I've got no security devices etc registered on my insurance. Just another way of insurance not paying out
  8. Ive gone and bought this GRoller. Yet to use it as the bike has been in the garage for a bit. But with summer and commuting on the horizon again then there will be much more Sundays cleaning it. Box Biro for scale
  9. Ive used MCE for my 125. They are by far the cheapest especially having a London postcode. However be warned. The excess is huge. I have my excess insured by a 3rd party. If I claim from MCE I pay the excess then claim it back from the 3rd party. Also the MCE policies are terrible. Don't expect much pay out if you do crash, need medical attention or legal costs covered. Finally, their service is poor too. Personally I found even sales staff to be rude. Other policies are out there with far superior terms. I went with MCE as they were £600
  10. I think you need to supply more info for people to give their suggestions. Max Budget? What will it be used for? Your own ability, probably don't want a crazy rocket as a first big bike Do you drive in ULEZ zones? Particular style of bike that interests you? Age and if you are quite tall, short etc?
  11. Firstly I thought this was going to be a discussion about a heavy handed bouncer on a long standing Australian soap opera. Now that I've read what it actually is, these are my thoughts. Sold secure gold or diamond rating is a good place to start. Some insurance quotes will be lower when your security has this rating. There's lots of ground anchors out there. Pragmasis or Almax are the big hitters when it comes to home security for anchors and BIG chains. Oxford beast stuff too. You want a chain to be tight and off the ground so get the shortest chain that's
  12. No option for buying a storage unit etc as I've no garden I could use. I've added a few more locks. I think leaving the box unlocked is a good idea from now on. Although the box is now broken so can't lock anyway. They dropped the bike ripping the cover off. Lucky enough the box took the brunt of the drop so no damage to body of the bike. I think getting a monimoto tracker would help. At least that way I would be alerted. This happened at 6 apparently and I heard nothing. It's booked in to the local garage now to get a proper look over before
  13. Yeah I've heard of that happening in various insurances. Was on watchdog on BBC one time. Person rang about a claim to cost it and decided it's better to fix it themselves rather than claim. Next year, premium hikes up as the insurance company stated that their statistics show that someone who has had need to claim or repair themselves are statistically more likely to claim in the future. Scandalous that they can apply that twisted logic.
  14. I've added extra locks and alarms. It's recovered and strapped to something solid. I've nowhere to lock it up. I can't ride it away somewhere as the throttle is broken. So I can't see what else I can do.
  15. It's on the street outside the house which is a maisonette. We rent so I couldn't put a camera up. Also I secure the bike to a lamp post but not always the same one as other residents park up beside it.
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