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  1. I can confirm if you pull out the orange/white wire and blue/white wire it stops them coming on as a daytime running light but leaves the indicators working as normal, literally just done it tonight.
  2. Looks like good stuff, bought some stuff from Halfords a few years ago I can’t remember the brand, it did a good job but within a few weeks the lights were the same again hope this stuff actually lasts.
  3. CBR650R id say is the obvious upgrade choice, roughly 90bhp and similar looks and riding position to your current bike, is a revvy in-line 4 though
  4. Let’s be honest how often do you actually see it? If you was to do a track day pretty sure it’s one of the things they are meant to check too
  5. I personally think everyone should have the experience of riding a 125, you learn a lot on a cbt and the immediate riding afterwards. Riding a 125 teaches you how to ride in a way which doesn’t necessarily rely on power to get you out of trouble.
  6. I’ve got a Peugeot boxer medium height and roof. I can wheel my bike into the back even with it fully racked out quite easily with a ramp. I’ve done over 500 miles in one drive with my bike in the back with only two straps, it never moved. Make sure the front wheel is straight against the bulkhead and use two forward ratchet points below the bulkhead to pull it in tight, also tend to leave the side stand down and leave the bike slightly leaning that way so if it was to ever go over it would land on the side stand.
  7. Although your knowledge sounds great I don’t really see the point in removing the battery? Also sounds like a fair bit of work for what is essentially very little gain?
  8. Many people would like to see a " Massive clampdown " on lots of things but this country seems to be teetering on the brink of anarchy right now . With the drugs trade operating with complete impunity and ferall youths tearing around robbing at will on stolen scooters when they're not murdering each other , I doubt that what remains of our Police Force would place electric scooters very high on their list of priorities . I agree there is more important issues to resolve but this is the kind of thing they love to target.
  9. Don’t think it will be long before there’s a massive clamp down on these considering two people got killed on either electric scooter/skateboard in London in the space of about a month recently
  10. Always wanted a V8 I’ve driven a fair few but never had my own. Love the E92 looks and the price of them at the moment I feel like they are a hell of a lot of car for the money. I’d be going for the 7 speed DCT though I think as that is something else I want in a car, also has to be 2 door it’s such a nicer shape! If the missus wants you to downsize maybe you should put the idea to her that she moves out instead you’ve got a great garage set up there it would be a shame for you to have to get rid of any of it in my opinion.
  11. Can just about see the harness running through the bucket seat, would be a great weekend toy certainly wouldn’t ever go on the motorway if I had one.
  12. Don’t know much about the history of your bike im afraid but it’s certainly a stunner! Off topic but how do you get on with the M3 currently in the market for one but don’t know anyone who’s ever had one!
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