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  1. Fitted a thruxton r brembo master cylinder, all except banjo as it was a single grrrr... Fitted over racing titanium frame braces Waiting on the healtec quickshifter, been a busy winter so far.. added dynotec rev limiter and got the tail light professionally soldered as it was a cheap Chinese one and kept failing. Fitted r and g bar ends. Looking sweeet
  2. My pal loved his sportster, I'm yet to even ride a cruiser if I'm honest... Maybe I will retire on one
  3. I have a son, still find time twice a week in the summer to ride with my pals... I find riding alone a little mundane, nothing like 6+ out all packtalked up having some banter. I wouldn't commute on a bike personally, other than sleeping car drivers and foreign lorry's it seems to ruin the fun for most I know. I thought the k1600 was a weapon tbh, maybe you just need a panigale 1299 lol.
  4. Need to buy weekend bikes with Ur heart not Ur head... If it doesn't excite you to go out for whatever reason then forget it, take the car.
  5. Thanks lads, top guys;-) I thought for sure I'd get swap it out immediately... Weight off my mind
  6. Hi all, just fitted my chain and sprockets, what's. Sod of a job with a cheap shit chain tool. One of the rivets I slightly over flared and the edge split... Is this a massive issue? Obv it's over flared by .1 of a mil but the split worries me a little more than a tenth of a mil ... Tempted to leave it and check regularly... Is that stupid
  7. Lol only if I didn't love the Campbell's so much... Twin wide set double pipes give it a fantastic stance imo. Bloody rear lights tho, led keep failing so I've pulled a unit apart as I have two faulty ones. Gonna get a local tech repair guy to refresh one to a higher standard hopefully. Got new gold did chain and more aggressive sprockets ready to fit too, -1 +2. Just waiting on a chain tool.
  8. Uhhu, I couldn't bring myself to let the eBay listing get to the last few days encase someone bid last minute haha. Sold the 2016 ninja now;-)
  9. Yeah it was on eBay 3 times and I ended early lol.... I can buy another zx6r, fecking lot of work to get another xjr to this spec ... Probably more money in it than 6k too
  10. Keeping this now, zx6r sold... Glad it didn't sell...
  11. I'm a fan of miller, couldn't give two shites where cal comes anymore English or not. Arrogant. Rossi is still fighting for third in the championship, I think he should continue for his last year, it wouldn't be the same without him... I for one would love to see him dominate one last race.
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