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  1. Sorry for your loss KiwiBob my thoughts are with you and your family.
  2. Yes I agree S-westerly distance is a problem but the old folk I mentioned all have families within 10 miles of them and in one case lives in the next village.
  3. The thing I find very sad is some old folk I know in their eighties that live on their own who all have grown up children but they never go round to see them or help out around the house and garden. They only turn up when the children want something usually bailing out or cash for a new looney venture. I listen to the parents saying how wonderful their children are doing and they are so busy they havnt got the time to visit let alone cut the grass or get some shopping for them. Deep down I hope they realize what selfish tossers the children are and leave any money to a charity or something.
  4. Thanks for the support lads its much appreciated, unfortunately there are thousands out there like me or worse trying to get treatment yet that twat Hancock keeps saying hospitals are open for business. What a sick joke.
  5. Hopefully getting my cancer treatment sorted out, spent last year being strung along and forgotten about but ive been patient and had enough. The main hospital have been really good but the hospital that are meant to be doing the treatment couldn't organize a raffle.
  6. I see your point Bob if he is not willing to pay a small amount to get the job done properly I would walk away and let him try and sell it as a non runner and see where it gets him. Or you could make him a cheeky offer to take it off his hands and do it to your usual standard Bob.
  7. I am more than willing to pull the lever the more heinous the crime the longer and painful I would make it.
  8. I am beginning to think Suzi Dent has joined the forum under a pseudonym or taken over one of the moderators as every thread no matter what its about descends into a grammar or spelling thread.
  9. You deserve the award Bob have a good Christmas and a better new year, this goes to the cat s well.
  10. That is very sad news I saw him race in the seventies, he was a brilliant racer and a very talented engineer.
  11. Im a bit late to the poll but my vote has gone to Bob this year for his outstanding contribution to Bikes and cats but I feel I would of voted for S-Westerly if he had been nominated for his outstanding outbursts against the Fe'#king chinese and their virus they have inflicted on the world.
  12. Cheers stu getting to grips with it slowly.
  13. For one minute I thought i had landed on Facett##t with the layout and blue colour but I worked it out in the end and even managed to get logged in. Now my head hurts and I need a lay down. Well done you have all done very well,
  14. Ive just coughed up so take me off your hit list Six30
  15. Ive used those tectite fittings in tight places or where unable to use a blow torch to save damaging wallpaper. The decent plastic fittings have locking rings that you twist when fitted and they cannot come apart. Never had one leak yet touch wood I used to be sceptical of them but over the years dont think twice about using them.
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