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  1. pinki-88

    Young Bikers?

    I'm young and female =D But your right there don't seem to be many women on bikes. I only know one ( not including the ones on here)
  2. i have a er6n aswell. the FI light on mine seems to come on randomly! Does it go out if you turn it off then back on again?
  3. what is the pessimists blood type? B negative
  4. well if your own number is allowed TC - 01 Littlecat - 02 Mealexme - 03 iWannaGoFast - 04 Augustburnsred - 05 Stu - 06 mojo - 07 iiisecondcreep - 08 Susieque - 09 techno - 10 Bogof - 11 rennie - 12 yorbandit - 13 Keith565 - 14 whitedevil - 15 Silverspring - 16 nman1 -17 Rebel Rach - 18 Green - 19 GOG - 20 Bonniebird - 21 Throttled - 22 Tango - 24 Boothy - 25 Voodoo - 46 Decor58 - 58 Polecat - 101 pinki-88 - 666
  5. gunna have to put my dunce cap on now it was the battery terminal
  6. Its happened again Currently stood outside of work waiting for the RAC
  7. right thanks guys i will pop into councilling services at uni first and see what they say im finding it hard to concentrate at uni. im ok with coursework parts of the course but when it comes down to exams im barely passing them or not at all due to not being able to concentrate through them. hope their able to help or im going to end up with extemely high coursework marks ( got nothing below 70% last year) and all failed exams.
  8. Hey ive just been recommended to go to see my GP about the possibility about having ADHD. apparently i have some of the usual symptoms, if thats the right way to put it, such as lack of concentration, restlessness ect. does anyone here have any experiance of it? just wondering wether i should go in to see my GP or not. or are they just going to think im just lazy or something? thanks
  9. free! the bike starts now
  10. Its a Kawasaki er6n 06 plate. Will try the light thing first n see what happens Failing that I will whip the tank off n look at the electrics n see if I can't see something obvious Bloody bikes doing my nut in now though. It ain't nothing but problems with it Went on holiday for 3 weeks and it took 20 minutes of solid turning it over to get to start. Any1 want a crap falling apart motorbike?
  11. Hey When I came to use the bike this morning the ignition came on but as soon as I pressed the start button everything turned off. I turned the key back to off and on again but the the ignition didn't even work. After a few goes of this it finally came back on again but when I pressed the start button the same thing happened again. Any ideas what's happened to it? Thanks
  12. Nogin its a er6n and to have a bit of a winge its been nothin' but a pain in the backside thanks for the info cyber. dont know which to go for now
  13. thats great thanks guys. just got to find out what hammerite and acf50 is thanks for fixing the pic stu!
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