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  1. If you feel you need/want to ride a 125 for a while after the CBT and before doing a test, do it. Don't listen to anyone saying 'just do your test'. Only you know your situation or what is right for you. It would depend on your age aswell anyway (What test to do, whether worth it yet). As for the bikes, not had proper experience with any of them. But the Hondas are usually bulletproof and keep their value well. Get a good one second hand and you'll probably be able to sell it for the same price you got it for a year later. The MT125's i've heard good things abou
  2. No extensions at all. Was meant to be doing my Mod2 next week. If you're looking at doing DAS then you have until Jan 2022, or when the theory runs out whichever is first, to complete the course (Training/Mod1 and Mod2). But yes, you'll be looking at a long wait, i've been told it'll probably be March for me now, with the way it is going.
  3. No it's DAS. And OMG! I always thought it was 6 months! Still pissed off.
  4. CRYING LIKE A BABY! I just want to do my damn Mod2 test! At this rate, i'll have to stump even more damn money and retake(Which it the bit i'm more pissed about) the Mod1 which is utter bullshit! 3 times booked on for Mod2, 3 times (so far) cancelled because of the constant Government decisions AND they're not even extending the time to take between Mod1 and Mod2! I'll have lost 3 months on the 9th of Jan. And if the restrictions don't finish before 20th Jan, i'll have lost another test date, and be on my way to 4 months lost out of the 6 months to take the Mod2 afte
  5. Wait, what... people PAY for that!?! Not bad getting Virgin down in price, I tried when we tried having it in Manchester but no luck. I miss VM so much. SO fast, and never went down. Ever. I was lucky I never had to deal with their customer service. They do take the piss, but i've known people who manage to always keep the price mega low. Apparently just letting the one year run out. Cancel. Then resign up. Every year. Have to push them a bit, but works apparently. I've never had Sky or any extra TV stuff, never watch TV so would be pointless.
  6. "Spaces are dangerous - danger means injury - injuries hurt." Think we're all buggered then.
  7. Rebel 1100 out soon? That would be A. But obviously isn't RIGHT NOW.
  8. It says you also have to be under professional tuition aswell. So you can't ride your bike TO the test without an instructor anyway. But not being insured to ride home if you don't pass I wouldn't have thought would be a problem? As if you don't pass you don't ride home anyway... I always thought if you fail a test you shouldn't drive/ride yourself home (I never did when I failed driving test). Safety thing due to not passing... ? Going with a school really is the simplest fastest way to do all of this.
  9. Am I thick? Missing something here? This Sunday is 10 Months ish earlier than stated? Was hoping to get a chance to submit some once I had a bike, if it was Nov 2021
  10. Ahhh, the first ride. I remember well. Riding from Peterlee to Cramlington in an absolute downpour after picking up the brand new ickle 125cc bike. Cacking myself, purely because of just how much rain there was. It was fun though, enjoyed it. And the nikwax worked, I was bone dry under my non-waterproof (other than the nikwax coating) gear.
  11. Ahhh this is hard, so much twat. I look at all the twat, and think - which to pick?! I've eaten a whole bag of celebrations. I'm going to nominate Stu! ;} Lets live dangerously. WTF has he done to this forum!? Y SO MODERN!? and bubbly. and complicated. So WOKE STU. Tried and failed (I believe?) to induce a mass flounce. Nevermind the fact I actually like it, and like many contributed a (tiny) bit to the pot for the change. But still, twat.
  12. Congrats on the pass. What is the bike you've got after passing? Didn't see it mentioned other than Sports Tourer or I am blind. When I did my Mod1 at Gateshead, the other guy from same school as I, i'm pretty sure he had the older grumpy gentleman for his assessment. Didn't take much notice, but the assessor just had a very stern face, with no reaction to the banter from any of the schools instructors. Haha, not sure if getting him would make me more or less nervous when the time comes for my Mod1. Just can't wait. Already saving for the new Rebel.
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