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  1. I still smack my hand trying to grab for the handbrake in the car I have, with its auto handbrake. I've had it 6 years, would have thought i'd learnt by now, but nope. Still have handbrakes in postie vans though, so could be why.
  2. BeMoto and Bikesure were good for me but so much can vary with insurance. Best off getting your quotes and seeing what the results are. Once you have online quotes, come back with them and the comapanies giving them and people can give more relative experience with specific insurers. Then ring some of the better ones to see if they can beat others. Chances are your cheapest will be MCE, but their excess is... EXCESSIVE (for me it was £4000, which was £1000 more than the bikes worth). And they're awful to make claims with (i've heard).
  3. Was amazing. Over 3 years ago, travalled from central Manc to here just for their fish and chips.
  4. Humbledon Fisheries F&C They do battered mars bars! Only one i've found anywhere near that does.
  5. peatear

    Sad news

    Sorry to hear, Dynax. Sorry for your loss.
  6. Then, as above applies. Get yourself the provisional licence and start your motorbike journey. Once you have your licence you can legally ride the Himalayan/TransAlp. Essentially once you finish the CBT you have two years to complete the MOD2. Get asking some schools for prices and how they go about the DAS.
  7. Geofferz stated at 24+ he can do DAS. So I would assume that is what he is responding to when saying he is well over 24. Geofferz covered it basically. DAS applies to you if you want a higher CC bike than 125cc. You would get a provisional licence, then find a motorcycle school who will train you. Oftentimes they will include the CBT. So CBT (to be able to ride on provisional), then usually a crossover lesson (to 'wean' you on to a bigger bike), then X amounts of training lessons (decided by you/the school dependant on ability), then MOD1 test followed by MOD2 test. Thi
  8. What Stu said, open everything in the same window. Maybe have the section with the image shrink when someone clicks on the certain links. That is a lot of real estate taken up by a picture and with all the info down below. Also, have the youtube how to's embedded on your site rather than a direct link to youtube itself. It takes you completely away from your website.
  9. Well, depends on route. If it is via DAS and your school book you in ASAP for dates around (if there are some) then you could pass the test. All depends if they are able to get the bookings in.
  10. https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/486839 Under a normal jacket (for warmth)?# There are a couple of versions of it.
  11. If you feel you need/want to ride a 125 for a while after the CBT and before doing a test, do it. Don't listen to anyone saying 'just do your test'. Only you know your situation or what is right for you. It would depend on your age aswell anyway (What test to do, whether worth it yet). As for the bikes, not had proper experience with any of them. But the Hondas are usually bulletproof and keep their value well. Get a good one second hand and you'll probably be able to sell it for the same price you got it for a year later. The MT125's i've heard good things abou
  12. No extensions at all. Was meant to be doing my Mod2 next week. If you're looking at doing DAS then you have until Jan 2022, or when the theory runs out whichever is first, to complete the course (Training/Mod1 and Mod2). But yes, you'll be looking at a long wait, i've been told it'll probably be March for me now, with the way it is going.
  13. No it's DAS. And OMG! I always thought it was 6 months! Still pissed off.
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