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  1. Hi I am going upto Scotland from 7th to 21st accommodation already booked. But my BMW f800st is broken down waiting for parts so if anybody knows of someone willing to hire a bike let me know if not I'll have to cancel i live in the leeds cheers jem
  2. Thanks tried that but as clutch is in no effect think the same as you bust springs will find out when repair shop gets back to me
  3. Hi nothing happens when changing from neutral to 1st or second the clutch is stuck in. As I am or was going up to Scotland later this week I have had to send it to a motorbike repair shop. I'll post the results when I get it back thanks for all your replys
  4. Hi can any one help I wanted to. Check that the clutch cable was not stiff so I depressed the clutch lever and held the clutch arm on the engine in that position the cable was fine so reconnected the cable but it seems that the clutch plates have stuck together!!! I have tried everything I can think of to unstick them short of removing the cover to get at the mechanism (taping the casing /lever. Putting it in gear and rocking it back and forward etc). Any ideas would be welcome.
  5. Or maybe as far up as Ullapool. Normally I would be staying in hostels and going from place to place but obviously it is not safe or practical to do this this year.
  6. I was thinking Somewhere around oban or fort William.
  7. I live in leeds and am planning a two week trip in Sept along the west side of Scotland. Intending on finding a B & B somewhere fairly central to use as a Base. If anybody can recommend one that is reasonably priced but not in any of the main towns, being corvid aware. Please let me know. Also would like company either pilion or own bike.
  8. hi I have for the past month been riding down the french alps and pyranees and finally into Spain to sandander I've found the Spanish road signs more or less OK but. the traffic lights are another matter. firstly you must omly take notice of the lights on your entrance to a cross roads and not on the opposite side they seem to use each light on all 4 entrances separately from each other. also pedestrian crossings these are mostly controlled by lights you don't stop at these unless at red changed automatically not by button however periodically the is one without lights mixed in it is easy to
  9. I am in two minds at the moment how easy or difficult would it be to replace the clutch on my bike it is a f800st 09 regards. it's a long time since I've done any machanical work on either bike or car also since the intruduction of computers electronics it seems more difficult to do anything yourself. so I am wondering if I would be wise to take it to a repair shop intead thanks in advance for your expert advice jem
  10. the problem seems to have corrected it's self I think as previous reply have said heat and altatude mainly the heat I think I have made sure I refilled regularly in only using half tank before filling again and as it has never been as hot as though two days all seems fine now thanks for all your advice it was useful. I now know 45%is to hot for the bike let alone myself
  11. thank you I will go there now it is good to know it is a common problem I am a bit nervous as you can imagine that would get stuck in the hills without reception and have to walk miles. thanks again jem
  12. yes but been along the alps with no problems higher than piraneze but it was quite a bit cooler
  13. hi any surgestions welcome I am riding a BMW f 800 st in the piraneze the bike keeps cutting out like it's running out of petrol but still have half a tank the temp hear is quite high between 35 and 43%and I think it must be just overheating however ťheres no warning light on I've checked the usual oil water levels etc all OK. I am wondering if I should take it to a repair shop to get it checked out or just put up with stopping regularly þo let it cool down
  14. Been in France since last Sunday traveled to pontarlier and from there did a round trip over the border into Switzerland along a lake to Neuchatel and back great ride aided by Tom Tom today arrived in annecy beautiful any ideas welcomed for touring around here if I can find how to upload pics I will jem
  15. I have a BMW r80rt (boxer) which is big and heavy so this year I bought a 09 BMW f800st not much lighter but the weight is lower down making it easier to handle as I am getting on a bit myself jem
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