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  1. Not yet in the know, but all back roads. This gives a rough idea from a previous Garbage Run, I can guess at most of them but not all. Pretty sure the hours and miles shown is not correct.
  2. The tool that gives you “man surge” Brilliant.
  3. Tape and electrical ties have been a companion for a while, wouldnt attempt kidnap without them
  4. Afternoon. Hope you’re all well. My plan a couple of years ago was to do LEJOG but other things happened as is life’s way. Now so long as Covid doesn’t mess with things it’s happening end of May. The times booked off and I have surprised myself by joining Nathan Millward’s Garbage Run, surprised because I assumed I’d be on my tod or with my husband not part of a group. TBH £295 for 8 days was a draw. If it can’t go ahead in that format then myself and my other half will be going regardless. It’s up to 190miles a day and all back roads so “you can be riding for up to 7 hours a da
  5. I thought along those lines too but if some are starting on group 10 already it’s really not as far off as you think. If they’ve moved through people in their 50’s in two weeks then peeps in their 40’s won’t take long and you’ll be up next Have a look at the Covid vaccine calculator, it’ll probably be a pleasant surprise https://www.omnicalculator.com/health/vaccine-queue-england
  6. I wash mine in the machine, not often though just when muddy, turned inside out and zipped up. Seems to do the trick. I’m definitely too lazy for three hand washes in a bath!
  7. Had a good turn up. The surgeries here combined their efforts to do all the vaccinations at one centre, this is thousands of people and the largest part of the demographic here is aged and quite decrepit, more nursing and residential homes than you can shake a stick at. I’ve checked the surgeries website often and it keeps updating they’re still doing group 6 so I started to accept I wasn’t going to be getting jabbed anytime soon, maybe not in time for Eiffel, heyho that’s the way the cooking crumbles. But yesterday I got the invite and will be jabbed Sunday Apparently they’re s
  8. It’s got a lot of people very hot under the collar, if they just give the stones to wales that would finish the argument
  9. The cocoon sleeping bag arrived and its bigger than my tent well not quite but it’s at least double the size (when compressed) of a normal sleeping bag and blimey it’s packed in that bag tightly. Size n shape wise I don’t think it’s going to be an issue so for £45 I’m going to keep it, give it a run out and then I’ll know if a future upgrade is needed whether a cocoon will do. Going to have to get/make a slightly bigger bag though. Only downside I can see is I feel like a caterpillar in a children’s book!
  10. My local helmet city have always been able to get me helmet parts in that aren’t listed on their website but unfortunately going into one and having a chat is off the cards at the moment until the 12th April (assuming the next phase goes ahead). Worth remembering though cos no p&p and a bimble to pick up something mobike related is always good.
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