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  1. Bought one of these for someone with the same problem n they said it’s somehow cooler than not wearing anything. I think it’s silk though so that’d explain it’s wicking non stinking properties. https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/468259?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi--5_Nmn7QIVFO3tCh1aGg-cEAQYASABEgLor_D_BwE
  2. @XTreme with your refined delightful command of the English language I’m shocked to read you ended up cavorting with malodorous women who attack, it’s a mystery 😂
  3. For max recovery in the tired zombie times frequently ask yourself regardless of the time- Why am I standing when I could be sitting? Why am I sitting when I could be lying down? Why am I awake when I could be asleep? Good luck
  4. That’s great @Turbogirlie what a blast after that length of time. Good call on the lightweight helmet. The riding will have those neck muscles built up in no time! Hope you’re not sore tomorrow but even if u are it’ll be the best kind of ache anyone can ever have!
  5. Well you can’t be single handedly responsible for all of them... can you? 😂
  6. Also amazingly although the my house looked like a scene from the shining all the blood simply washed away without leaving a trace, go figure!
  7. She survived and plastic surgeon did an amazing job on her face which he’d stabbed so ferociously that when I saw her lying on our hallway floor (she somehow managed to get away and ran to our house) I couldnt recognise her, her face was opened out like a horseshoe bat. The thing that really concerns me about it is that he’s free to do it again. There’s no way of a future victim knowing about this episode and his previous girlfriend who was very forthcoming and willing to testify against him was suddenly unable and that’s how nutters get away with it people are (rightfully) frightened, fe
  8. There’s nutters of all genders male, female or other. Wife beaters n bunny boilers (whatever you wanna call em) there can be damaging elements on either side of the equation. 2 women a week, yep 2 women EVERY single week are killed by their partners in this country. But knowing that doesn’t mean anything as to whether McQueen was a wife beater or not just in Mcqueens case it was well documented and known amongst his own friends as well as his ex’s. When people start banging on about controlling wives (and yes I fully acknowledge they exist) I wonder if they ever pause for a momen
  9. If you mean McQueen just have a Google his girlfriends have been quite candid about it- after they got away.
  10. Hehehe Just the usual tea but I have run out of chocolate 😂
  11. Well back in the in the day they were less likely to have a carefully cultivated public image destroyed by the internet. They only had to look good in photos and give the occasional pre-scripted interviews with friendly journos who won’t print anything detrimental so McQueens wife beating was never news and people got to carry on worshipping ie paying for their idols. I was gutted when I heard what an ultra right wing ahole John Wayne was but then I discovered in common with most right wingers he was a moron
  12. What’s Paul Newman done wrong? Apart from venture into the world of overpriced poor quality sauces?!
  13. Depends on the cost of paying someone else and the difficulty. I know how much I earn an hour doing other stuff and what my spare times worth to me so if it’s time consuming unless it’s something I fancy having a go at I’ll hand it over to someone else BUT only if I think they’re competent which is far more of an obstacle than the other two things I’ve mentioned.
  14. And that is the difference between tradesmen you tell everyone about and have back and the ones you want to throttle with your bare hands!
  15. Yer and disappointingly is often much worse. Sometimes simple things like using a level don’t even get done. My driveway has been in need of redoing for donkeys. There’s lots of loose gravel from disintegrating tarmac that make it a pig to turn a bike on but the idea of finding someone to tarmac it fills me with such horror it’s stays as it is!
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