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  1. Jolly good. Probably busy with the motolegends sale
  2. Thanks Jedibiker. I’ve got a good list of stuff to look at/do now!
  3. There are other people on here who are trying to get going so you have company
  4. I think I know this one... is it someone who’s a bit bored?
  5. Plastic surgery on a hand is unusual, burn? Heated grip friendly winter glove, I’m assuming they’re thin palmed? Interested to have a look if you have a brand or link?
  6. What you riding @Ellyt247? Or perhaps your not yet?
  7. I’m guessing everything tastes crap then?
  8. Haven’t ridden much at all over the last twoish years. Looking at the photos has rekindled the desire, will be dusting off my trusty steed later and digging out some ridiculous looking kit for a bike ride this week. It will no doubt be very painful Doing a scenic coastal LEJOG on mobike as soon as lockdown lifts with someone who used to knock about on here. Can’t wait. Never got into Audax and only did a few sportives cos prefer cycling on my tod. @Bender you can jest, I have been stalked on the bicycle more times than I can remember. It completely creeps you out to start w
  9. Damn! As everyone has said hope its not too bad for you both, your symptoms are mild and recovery is swift. Nows the time to take some money back off your kids accepting bets about eating raw onions, whole lemons or the like!
  10. I got so lost I did 72miles rather than 60 so whoevers behind me is either also a directionless idiot or they werent ready to cycle 60miles
  11. Yer the end of a 60 mile sportive a couple of years ago. Got completely lost and did the worse parts of the mendips twice, bike broke and majority of gears didn’t work for most of it. Very happy to finally finish.
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