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  1. It can catch you off guard. Two years ago I had 5 dogs, now 3, very shortly (the next day or so Id say) it will be just 2. Each one has upset me greatly, Im not a crier, well almost never but the repeated spontaneous tears when they go becomes unbearable. To the extent I don’t see me getting another dog. This dog was the first of the five and mother of 3 of the others. I don’t think this is going to be easy. If I disappear for a while, that’ll be why.
  2. One of my dogs is on its last legs, well it not even on its legs she’s off them. I’ll shortly be joining you in the miseries
  3. Whoosh as it went over my head. Nevermind Google’s here to babysit.
  4. Good name. I think would miss the solidity and the agricultural feel. Tell me about the lovely looking Thruxton.
  5. You’re probably right. The Highway Code applies to all public and private roads including car parks, footpaths, bridleways etc and my driving instructor told me it was illegal to leave your car running on the driveway but that doesn’t sound right?
  6. Maybe something to do with being a woman or just maybe a little something to do with avoiding breaking a different safety law... “windscreens and windows must be kept clean and free of obstructions to vision” Its in a thing called the Highway Code, recommended reading for road users or maybe that’s a bit womany?
  7. She’s right, section 42 Road traffic act 1988 £20 fine. But when I leave mine idling to melt the ice I consider that necessary so I suppose you could say so is drying out your car?!?!
  8. Oh yes classic My husband wants an open casket with his arm spring loaded firing money out over the congregation, the one who grabs the most wins. He would also like it rigged up so at some point in the ceremony his corpse slowly sits up to ACDC’s Back in Black. I’ve protested several times that no-one is going to want to carry out this corpse jiggling work but he won’t shift!
  9. A friend of mine has recently split up with his wife. They’ve sorted it out between them, he has the kids every weekend and picks them up from school most days, she has moved into rented accommodation and he has stayed in the family home (which has been signed over to him) and get this bit- her parents are helping him pay the mortgage because they don’t think she’s treated him well- she got together with a woman and it blew their tiny minds! He even spent Christmas Day with his in-laws when the kids were elsewhere! Mind you he is possibly one of the nicest most easy going people yo
  10. Any other top tips? I’ve just written some simple instructions for the boys n discussed it with my other half and we’ve decided to open a current account in their names and put enough money in there for a couple of funerals, some fish n chips and beer, hopefully they’ll enjoy wasting any change.
  11. I hope you’ve got some rolls n mustard or that’s gonna be a miserable dinner.
  12. This line- The Welsh government have been “worried about the DVLA for a while” Crikey what next the Welsh government are more than worried and thinking they might do something?
  13. I don’t mind eating on my own in a restaurant one bit. In my old life when I didn’t seem to get a moments peace I’d deliberately book a nice restaurant on my own and enjoy the quiet, the food and good staff. I wouldn’t tell anyone what I was doing and I’d leave my mobile behind. Two hours of bliss. Sometimes you get someone trying to join you but if you’re not interested in conversation just take a book and say “very nice to have met you, do you mind if I get back to this.” Last time I was on my tod was in Milan. I had a fantastic time, the hotel had recommended a restau
  14. I think the costs involved in funerals are crazy. What’s the cheapest you can do a funeral for? I’d be happy with a cardboard box or a tea chest. Preferably a tea chest, I do like a cup of tea
  15. He’s 18. It was very good. Lamb shanks in a red wine sauce (cooked as M&S intended), mashed swede, rosti potatoes and a creamed spinach thing which tasted like he put liquid smoke in it (yuk) but he’s say not, rosemary jelly or mint sauce. All hot, nothing cremated, he even lit the food warmers so it all stayed warm for second helpings. Ive made pud and watched tv, been a hard day
  16. Apparently this, yes I have answered myself Funerals led by both humanists and civil celebrants have become very popular. The funeral director would usually arrange the person officiating at the service on behalf on the client, and pass on the client’s contact information. This would allow the humanist or celebrant to get in touch and arrange a meeting to discuss the service. The key difference between the two is the level of religious content in the service. A humanist service is regarded as a non-religious ceremony, as such there is not usually any religious content in the
  17. Lamb shanks so I’m thinking all will be well.. ish.
  18. My son is cooking the Sunday lunch today and I have just left the kitchen, I wonder when or if we’ll be eating Lockdown has reduced my level of functioning to the extent I’m actually excited about whether or not lunch will appear
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