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  1. I like him! I think he just films what he fills his day with - working in his garage! Be it metal works, bikes, or random builds. He does some good vids for newbies as well. He needs more subscribers but he is very niche!
  2. I got my CBT on scooter! Decided I wasnt completely shite so i booked to basically do the same thing on a geared bike (but obvs no certificate at the end because you already have it). It WAS harder at firest, but got my own 125 and just practiced in the evening when it was quieter on the roads and I got better each time
  3. 19! Always been helpful when in the Boston store. Online the items come very fast. I did have a pair of gloves that got holes after 8 months... they just said no problem, to send them back and they would review them. I was given a refund
  4. Both my MODs are misery inducing. I was bored senseless riding round....and round....and round all the local test routes (i guess because i had a 125 so was already riding a lot in my own time, and i understood road signs etc so in comparison to others i was with it felt like a waste of 4-5 hours) The highlight after passing would be when my instructor let us go home a really random long way round at the end of the day as it meant we just got to ride for ourselves and enjoy! Anyway I digress. You got this! Is it the actual cones your are swerving you knock, or the ones you have to come t
  5. you are not falling out with it allready elizabeth are you Noooo not falling out, i still enjoy every ride, but sometimes i wonder if id enjoy the 09 even more... Not looking to upgrade yet!
  6. Nah, I was the same as you. I told them Id never ridden before so they catered for that! it will be fine! big breaths!
  7. The MT 07 is a great starter bike. It feels safe when your fresh out of the test centre without being too boring. I wrote a review on mine in the reviews section which is from the point of view of someone who is newish to biking. That said the CB looks amazing and I imagine would cater to more abilities than the MT07 - i can see why people would get bored of the 07 after riding it for a while.
  8. Yes! I did a two day CBT. I'd never even sat on a bike in my life! Day one: CBT session on a 110cc scooter, went well, got the certificate Day two: No certificate needed, but same thing done on a 125 geared bike
  9. How much does the BMW weigh out of interest? Im guessing seeing as you are still on PCP your best best is to go into the dealer and see what they have on offer for swaps, and they can update your financing accordingly.
  10. There ya go, tempt the local tom with a littler tray! Or I can send you my bike cover, the local tom loves spraying on it!
  11. Cat urine is pretty infuriating as well. Not sure how you could collect a tom cat spray though.... Stick some fish in the grills? Fish anywhere that gets hot would be pretty inconvenient to him? .......Why is all my revenge childish?
  12. Not sure I can let this innuendo pass unnoticed either hahahaha
  13. Fortunately nothing liquid-y was required in this fix after all!
  14. Well that sounds slippery and fun I rewrote that sentence a few times but there is no such thing as talking about lube without it being one big innuendo! I didnt want to write 'lean over/bend over' etc etc, just makes it all the more worse....
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