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  1. Sorry but even if the victim was a complete to**er and would up his neighbours, bringing a giant knife out and stabbing some MULTIPLE times, and then having a go on some bystanders as well, still makes you the real to**er.
  2. I went for a ride and the bike got a bit dirty! Nice castle....
  3. Hopefully the above is useful for non-troll shorties too!!
  4. Hello! Shorty here too (5'3). They are talking shite - they basically mean 'we haven't lowered any of our MOD bikes to suit smaller riders and can't be bothered to'. So firstly, find another school. Secondly, there are a few tricks up your sleeve if lowering a bike OR shaving the seat is out of the question when getting your big bike! Look for riding boots with a good heel, that extra inch makes all the difference (he he) Check out bikes with a more tapered seat, this will mean less straddling needed, and therefore more foot on the ground. If the height is a
  5. Yeah that's where I've been lucky i guess. Both me and the OH ride but I usually take more interest in the spec as bikes are more my thing, he still prefers cars. So it's usually me asking the questions. I only bring him along if I think I might miss a deal as he has no shame about haggling to the point of insulting the seller haha.
  6. So far the gravel I can cope with, it's the step that's the issue. Riding it up/down is the best bet but if it gets stuck in the middle then I can't reach the floor to balance and try again. If I walk it down then that's fine, but it always tries to tip the other way where there is no side stand...... Creating a ramp situ at present until we re-do the driveway. Even without bikes, I think gravel drives are shite.
  7. I hate cleaning too! Well, the thought of doing it. Once I start Im happy enough. I currently hate getting it out of the garden and driveway. House is on a slight hill. Driveway is a step down onto (deep) gravel. Cursed.
  8. Today was assembling bits for the garden (recently moved) to make it great for the spring/summer. Tomorrow the bike is coming out and a nice long ride!!
  9. To be fair I don't get it too often, but that means it catches me off guard a bit when it does! Also I dont have any garage or showroom horror stories, they're always treated me well!
  10. Asked a couple of times at bike meets when I mention I came with my partner 'oh right you're a pillion' or words to that effect. erm....no.....? I am from Lincolnshire though which isn't the most forward thinking place in the world!!
  11. Hear that a lot about my model, to the point i nearly believed it and didnt buy! Now I own one I realise they are simply s
  12. Sounds like something on or to do with the road surface, and just so happened you hit it accelerating out. It happens though and you learnt! So dont beat yourself up
  13. I embrace the idea of electric! But i'll be waiting for the prices to drop to normal levels (I imagine the prices will be a bit of a joke off the bat) or the second hand market looks up. Also its the kind of thing where i wouldnt want to be the early adopter and wait for it to be a more polished product.
  14. I would say just pick a quiet day and go out by yourself, take your time so you can get used! Trident Im sure is a great bike, MT07 will be quaking!
  15. Yeah it will get a tail tidy at some point! Same issue with the 07!!
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