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  1. Have you tried a comfort blanket, some children take one to bed, it might help.
  2. A semi rotary pump is what you need, very simple. Cast iron body we have used them for the last fifty years. Just google "semi rotary pump" dont let the fact its a manual pump put you off they can really shift some fluid. Hope this helps as they say. john.
  3. A little update, I found a guy close to Huddersfield to properly clean my carbs but have not had the time to fit them yet. Will update in the new year. John
  4. Congratulations well done.
  5. Cant seem to master it guys, I will just stick to advertising in Marketplace for now. Why do they make it so fecking difficult to place a simple ad in Instagram. john.
  6. Thanks for the replies, will open a business account as suggested, thanks.
  7. Morning all, looking for a bit of help placing an add on Instagram. Iv'e googled, youtubed, searched all over but all I see are tutorials telling me to convert to a business account. This seems to be for car dealers with more than just one car. I am ok with Facebook Marketplace but would like to include Instagram as well. I think its possible to link them together but dont know how. I want to show a photo with a description of my own bike or car. I'm sure it must be very simple, any help would be appreciated. Thanks john.
  8. Have a look here your bike might be listed. https://www.manualslib.com
  9. The bike has been lifted onto the storage racking in the workshop for a month or two. I have been making a camper from a Peugeot Expert but will have to get back to the bike next job. I am sure the carbs are at fault starving the engine of fuel. Looking for recommendations from members as to where I can send them for cleaning inside and out. Thanks John.
  10. Do you still have your spare engine you could use for bits?
  11. Replacement turbo's if I remember correctly.
  12. Welcome from sunny Yorkshire.
  13. Just in the house for a brew, I have managed to almost red line it by pulling on the choke and blipping the throttle its still starved of fuel but a lot better than it was. I am almost there with it now but dont want to rev it with weak mixture as it soon gets hot and the fan comes on. I dont wnt to melt a piston after all the work I have done.
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