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  1. How did he know no other traffic was around if he didn't do a shoulder check? Only partly serious there - but yes normally it would have been a couple of missed ops and/or you missed something, eg passing another road user who then may have come up your outside, or they were stationary for some time waiting to turn in so a quick check would have verified nothing unexpected had changed alongside you. I think it's usual for an examiner to say "the rest of your ride was fine" in a test where you failed on only one thing.
  2. My first of those units was problematic, cleared up after they sent a replacement* So maybe they had lots of issues with them. Shame as surely they could have just sourced a new supplier *They actually sent me a whole new full set, ie an additional wireless charger, as they could see I was willing to find which specific part was failing. Which was great, as once done I was able to keep it and put it on @Magpie84's bike
  3. My wireless charger came with pig tails, but it was an early version. Have they really stopped offering those with it? It was just pig tails into a usb socket, so you could then plug their usb plug into it. It's currently connected to the handy GPS power socket BMW provide though, so it's switched.
  4. Yup, happy with mine but I accept that you end up drinking the koolaid with it a bit... I also have the carrying ring/stand and an in car mount. That's in addition to the wireless charger for the motorbike that I bought first Seems very secure and once you get the hang of attaching it easy as anything
  5. Learn when people may not see you and why https://ko-fi.com/post/READ-FOR-FREE-ToT-May-1-SOBS--how-hard-is-it-E1E44MII0
  6. Very unexpectedly got a covid vaccine today. Managed to have one that somebody didn't turn up for. Thank you person who didn't turn up
  7. Which picture were you looking at @bonio? Your reply wasn't overly clear
  8. I have a chest mount, but don't use it often. I'd say it's reasonable for capturing what you can see, but if you have an interest in action footage it doesn't feel exciting when you view footage back
  9. Yesterday so cheating a bit.... The head coach at the cycling club my kids go to asked me a few months ago about selling some old motorbike gear he had for when his daughter was younger. I said stick it on Facebook, it'll go super quick. Fast forward to a few weeks back and he tells me one of his old leather jackets had gone really quick but no one was interested in the kids gear. Then he says he'll just give it to me as he wants it gone. Says if I don't want it just toss it. I assume as this point as it's had zero interest it'll be crap. Heck, I put my youn
  10. Yeah, and you'd only have bounced off the kerb like a pinball
  11. Absolutely, you know you missed something but they may have even been checking their own mirrors etc at the time. Plus missing will only necessarily definitely be a fail if you do it consistently or you should have spotted something there/high chance that not doing it in that spot could have ended nastily
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