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  1. @Stu, as a heads up the notification about the forum change hit my spam folder in gmail. Not a lot you can do about that, admittedly, but just so you know if a lot of people message you confused
  2. How much have you paid? (Don't get me wrong, it doesn't sound normal or ideal, but just wondering if they've charged you for a couple hours training)
  3. Honestly to this day I have no idea how I managed it.... I felt the steering go light and vague... I nearly chopped the throttle but managed to override that urge... then felt the rear grab traction again and managed to not fight it and allowed the bike to correct itself without it inadvertently overcorrecting just as I thought it was all over. It probably helped that it happened fast and I wasn't left to think about it too much.
  4. Zero so far. Closest I have come was.... On the two wheels without an engine, came a cropper at 30mph downhill (as I always said, coming off didn't hurt, but contacting the ground and the sudden stop did) and also had someone overtake then slam the brakes on. Made solid contact with the back of their pickup and the road but had scrubbed most of the speed off so wasn't too badly beat up from that.
  5. Well, I'd say he followed the instructions perfectly. It wasn't left safe.
  6. And of course this is fine. One of my biggest eye rolls when selling a bike at the moment is people are so LAZY. If the first question isn't "is this still available" the second is "what's the lowest you'd accept". This is before even viewing. My usual retort is "I've priced this based on market value, any requests to purchase at a lower price will need to be backed up with a reason". I don't think that's unfair. If they view the bike and aren't 100% happy with something, and explain it and why they think a certain lower amount because of it is justified, I won't take offense, even if it's
  7. You can insist on returning the product as not fit for purpose for a refund. Otherwise I think the ball is in your court slightly on this one. You haven't suffered any loss on the phone as Apple have repaired under warranty. Full disclosure, I paid for the vibration dampener out of my own pocket, but then I guess I drank the kool aid on this product as I'm quite smitten with it.
  8. One doubled down today "Worked with this industry all my life in my career. Loads of experience. Know what I'm talking about. One thing anyone in the know will tell you is you never get the cheapest or the most expensive". I pointed out that genuinely, it was the most expensive I've had so based on his rule and advice.... Was told snottily it's a free country and my choice. Yeah, I know.
  9. Posted a rant in my IAM group about how the "discounted" IAM insurance is full of shit. Amongst the people agreeing are two that have taken it upon themselves to lecture me that I need to consider that cheap is not better and how I'll regret it if I make a claim. Yeah, because insurers are warm fluffy kittens if you pay them a couple of hundred quid more who just love paying out. Talk about drinking the kool aid.
  10. You are correct! In one post she proved that The Gates Foundation funded the Imperial College research into what coronavirus was going to do, in another she shared a video where Gates is 'caught out' admitting everyone will be compelled to be vaccinated. Now, considering she'll also share lots of bluster that anything that isn't the narrative is being shut down and censored by Facebook, Twitter, mainstream news, YouTube etc, isn't it amazing that her uncovering of the truth hasn't been deleted by Zuckerberg's algorithms yet (of which she's posted evidence of the existence of) and the Gates
  11. One of my old work colleagues has gone total tinfoil hat on this. I'm not talking the "I think it's blown out of proportion" opinion here. I'm talking full on conspiracy. Several posts a day shared on facebook about how this is a multi-government global conspiracy, that there really is no such thing as Covid-19. Everything that we have been through with lockdown, proving compliance with face masks, accepting travel bans etc is all part of 'softening us up'. Every action of every player in this - China, Trump etc - is all actually coordinated to help sell the con (every day brings fresh evidenc
  12. It's not just the pure 'how many die' figure. It's how that number ramps up and overwhelms the health service in a short period of time.
  13. Nice that the picture on the front is the bit before it hurts
  14. Just fitted up the Optimate solar in (and on I guess) the shed. The only faff in the whole thing was siting it so that the lead could easily reach both bikes without having to buy an extension cable.
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